Once upon a time, this blog was primarily focused on sharing recent photos of Arlo. Photos I’d taken because I was particularly proud of how they’d turned out, photos that weren’t momentous, but depicted the simplicity of our day to day life.

I had one child and had embarked on a photo-a-day-for-a-year project. And that really was all that I was doing. My job search had been long and disheartening. I hadn’t yet started offering family photoshoots. I was home, all day every day with Arlo, feeling increasingly dissatisfied with the way my current situation was turning out. My blog – posting up thoughts and little mundane adventures we’d had whilst the world was busy – was kind of my life.

I don’t miss those days, but I miss the simplicity of the way I’d put a post up with little reason or thought behind it (further than just to share pictures). Back then, there was rarely a beginning, a middle and an end to the story, or a comprehensive post on a particular subject or event. (There doesn’t have to be these things now, but I guess I kind of like the nature of “slow but quality blogging” these days).

Arlo’s second year was documented beautifully in all its mundanity. Rory…well, Rory was a second child, and not only that, but his second year coincided with a particularly long, unmotivated stretch as far as photography and writing were concerned. And the work situation has definitely turned around. (Although I do wish sometimes that I still had one main focus, but that’s another subject).

I have quite a lot of iphone photos, but hardly any of the kind that I’d want to put on the wall. Hardly any of Rory on his own (I preoccupy myself with my ultimate goal of getting a winning shot of the two of them together). Hardly any of the portrait kind that show off the cheeky, happy expressions that are exactly ‘him’ at this age.

And, so, this, because I’ve just edited a rare set of images of Rory on his own, is a post just to share an unapologetically large amount of photos of the same scene.

This is Rory, two and a quarter.

IMG_3979-Edit-copy IMG_3990-Edit-copy IMG_4001-Edit-copy IMG_4003-Edit-copy IMG_4015-Edit-copy IMG_4019-Edit-copy IMG_4021-Edit-copyIMG_4026-Edit-copy


  1. I can never see too many pictures of Rory 🙂

    I had a bit of a horrible realisation the other day when I was talking to somebody about how I always felt my parents had far more pictures of my older brother than of me. They asked how many pictures of Violet I had and I realised I have about 10 framed photos of Cherry around the house and none of Violet. Embarrassed face. I’ve had a load of V printed out ready to frame!

    1. I have yet to put a photo of Rory up on the walls – I have around four of Arlo, but I’m generally really bad at printing out photos.

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