Everyone loves the comfort of a home that is well-designed.

With the right decor, a house becomes a comfortable and functional home and while there are a lot of those out there who can DIY with the best of them, it’s not always possible for most people. This is why they turn to furnishing and decor instead of thinking about doing it by themselves. Of course, anyone can turn to a renovations company to do the drilling and sawing for them if they can’t do it by themselves. The trouble is that this then comes with huge messes, new costs and changes that may not be reversible. It’s not what you want when you want all the updates with none of the plaster to vacuum afterwards!

It’s then up to you to ensure that you can renovate your home without all the mess – you want  updates, all of them, so how can you do that without ripping down walls or breaking the bank? Luckily for you, we’ve got several different ideas for updates that you could make to your home! Let’s take a look

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  • Create Space

If you want to create a truly modern look in your home, open plan flooring is the way to go. To share the family, kitchen and dining space is to embrace open plan living, but most people don’t want to rip down the walls. However, you’re not going to have to. Ensuring that your home is open and airy is often way more important, so think about getting rid of the bigger furnishings and make way for more delicate options, such as Art Deco chairs and sheer curtains to really enhance the space. Move things around to open the rooms up, and paint the rooms an off-white color. Not only will you make the space look excellent, you’ll be able to make the room seem more open. Adding mirrors can have the same effect. Mirrors give the illusion of a bigger and brighter space, one filled with light and openness.


  • Adding Lighting

The right lighting in the right places can bring a room to life. Darkened rooms look cramped, small and not welcoming in the slightest. You may not want to install new windows to your home, but it just means that you can add lighting options instead. Think floor lamps and added sconces with up-lighters in each room. Brightening up the room doesn’t have to be hard, and you can be strategic about where you place your lighting options. You can choose to hire an electrician to install lights for you, but you can still keep it as simple as you like for the lighting in your home. Bright lights make things look modern, so choose LED bulbs for the rooms in the house.


  • Update Your Fixtures

Sometimes, the best way to update the house is with the fixtures. With minimal costs, you can update the cabinets and door handles in the house in the simplest way. The change from copper handles to stainless steel instantly lifts the look of the house itself, and this offers you a way to transform your home and make it look more modern. Don’t stress too much, here, though. You can mix and match styles as you please and make it look chic. 


  • Look To The Windows

The eyes of the home are the windows, and they need to be looked after. Homeowners often struggle to decide on the window treatments that work best for them, and this leads them to give up on the decor entirely. Windows WANT to be dressed properly and they can transform the way that your home looks. They can frame the windows beautifully, with blinds and curtains available to suit your style and taste. The options for window treatments are pretty endless, with different styles to suit different rooms. It’s an affordable and simple way to give your home the makeover it needs.

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  • Go Outside

Unused space can give you inspiration for change. Outside the home, you may have room for a patio and even if you do, it’s still space to be used. You just have to get creative with it! Creating a room in the exterior of your home may feel counterproductive, but it’s going to have an amazing impact on your home and the general look of it. With an outdoor rug, fairy lights and some amazing seating, you can have an outdoor room that looks fantastic. The best thing about doing this is that you don’t have to rip anything out or add much more than some decor. It can serve as an excellent outdoor escape, and when you have guests over in the warmer months, you can really use it to your advantage. With such a simple change, you can update the house without the need for renovation.


  • Look ToThe Garden

You don’t need to rip up the garden to have a beautiful space. Curb appeal is so important and you can add this with roll out grass, decorative boulders and additions and a visit to the local greenhouse. Adding plants and flowers to the garden to enhance the space is a good place to begin, but get the right advice about how to look after certain plants. Don’t be put off by the work involved in caring for a garden, as it’s necessary work to make sure you have a home space that is attractive and brings your home added value. Start slowly with your outdoor project, and try to avoid bringing in the diggers and the men with the cement mixers. Think shrubbery and crazy paving or gravel paths instead, and you will end up with a garden that offers a whole new look.


Whether you choose to add designer furniture or give the house a lick of paint, your home is your castle to do with what you will. Take the time to map out how you could update your home rather than renovate, and you’ll find that you can do so much more than you expected!

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