Sam and I share a lot of interests (film, food, being right all the time), as well as having a lot of different interests too. (Sports. Cough. Social media. Ahem.)

One thing that we have in common is that we both have a natural curiosity to explore our surroundings.

If there is a nearby town that we haven’t been to, we will take a day trip on our next free weekend. If there is a park that we haven’t tried, we will go there in favour of our nearest option. If there is a pub that we haven’t yet checked out, it will be next on our list to try.

Some of our best outings involve bikes, parks, a good long walk, rounded off with a drink in a pub. Something for everyone.

In the last few months, I have noticed that Arlo has most definitely adopted this interest too. “What’s down that road? I’d like to go there one day. Might be a new park. And then afterwards we can find a pub”.

Yep, it’s definitely in the genes.

Going on our little adventures keeps us active as a family, without having to actively TRY to be active as a family, which is my favourite part – enforced fun can sometimes take the fun out of it, for me. I’m happiest going off for a wander, going with the flow, and seeing where our moods and our legs carry us.

Summer is the best and the easiest time for adventuring. With Arlo now at preschool,  this summer will be his first experience of the long school break. I’ve introduced the idea of a summer adventure wishlist, and Arlo has taken to the idea with A LOT of enthusiasm.

Arlo and I have been busy adding activities to our list, so far this is what we have:

Make chocolate rice crispie cakes

Go on an open top bus tour of London

Go on the DLR

Go to the Shard viewing platform

Visit the Princess Diana Memorial Playground

Go to Kelsey Park

Give surplus toys and clothes to charity

Go on a photo walk

That’s it so far, but the list grows daily. I have six weeks and a LOT of time to fill, so let me know if you have any fun suggestions for us.


This post is my entry to the Mark Warner quarterly blogger challenge.


  1. I was thinking of making a scrap book of our adventures over the summer holiday. its my sons first long holiday after starting preschool in april, feeling a little apprehensive of finding things to do that are both fun and either cheap or free! Also love the giving to charity on your list, might steal that one if I can convince my three year old to part with some toys 🙂

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