Whether you’re just hitting adulthood and you’re ready to be independent, or you’ve been waiting a while, and it’s finally time to get out of the family home, we can all agree that it’s quite a nervy experience.

Sure, if you have all the confidence in the world and no issues whatsoever, then it might be a cakewalk, but it’s not that way for the other 99% of people. 


Moving house is a natural progression in life – we all need to flee the nest, after all. That doesn’t mean the entire situation feels natural for us, though. It’s actually quite the contrary. We’re all very comfortable in our comfort zones, so changing things up a little in this regard in order to progress in life can feel like quite an awkward and scary step. 


You’re so used to living a life with your family that you’re not going to enjoy picturing how the future will be without them. We fear the unknown – out brains don’t like to fathom being in a perilous position. Fortunately, though, being in this kind of position isn’t anywhere near as bad as what our overthinking minds might perceive. It’s still the same world with all the same aspects; we just moved into a different place before taking on those aspects! 


Constantly being told over and over again that something isn’t a big deal doesn’t really tend to work – our stubbornness tends to override any reassurances someone hands out. If, though, you are moving out imminently and would like to read a few pointers in terms of keeping your cool and getting things right during your transition into a new life, then, by all means, continue on. We’ll go through a few things that we feel might help you out!


Remember That It’s Not THAT Big Of A Deal


We’ll start off by reiterating that this state, in the grand scheme, is absolutely nothing. The fears and worries are literally all in your head. You’ll get everything handled and sit down in your new home as if nothing significant actually happened. You’re simply changing the location that you’ll sleep, eat, rest, and watch TV in! The biggest fear might actually be a social one in that you don’t want to look awkward in front of your new neighbours or feel like an idiot as you transition into a more independent human being. We all look stupid when we’re new to things – so that’s not even something to worry about.


Embrace The Challenges  


We never, ever progress as individuals when we are faced with easy tasks. It’s the difficult issues that turn us into more competent people. This entire process will turn you into a much more confident and aware human being. Be sure to take on any challenge. The best thing you can do is enjoy the battle. Whether things go terribly or whether they go amazingly, you’ll grow – and that’s only going to be positive as you get on with life. 


Recognise That You’ll Be In A Much Better Situation  


It is nice being at home and having the comfort of people around you that you trust. That’s not going to help your life, though. Being spoon-fed things just makes us even lazier, naïve, and incompetent. When you’re out and on your own, you are free to live life on your terms with no psychological shackles. You’ll also look like more of a catch, too! It sounds harsh, but it’s more attractive than being stuck at home with your parents!


Ask Your Family How To Be Domestically Sound 


You’re not going to know everything about domestic life. If you do, then congratulations – you’re part of a small minority! This is where you can absolutely seek help from your family members. They’ve been around longer than you, so they’ll know about most facets of home life. If you have questions that they don’t have the answer to, then you could always head online. Sites like ConsumerLab.co.uk will be able to give you handy info like the best washing powder to use, etc. These little tasks might seem irrelevant, but they all add up.


Get Into A Routine 


Once you’re all moved in and ready to go, the right thing to do is to make sure you’re constantly on the move. Sitting around and overthinking will only make you panic more about the situation you’re in – if you’re panicking a lot already, that is. A routine isn’t for everyone, but a systematic way of getting up, doing chores, and living normally can help take your mind away from everything. If you get into the routine properly, it will just become your life – in a matter of weeks, you’ll realise that you’re just doing all this stuff subconsciously. 


Be Sure To Keep Focused Regarding Your Work 


Homelife can affect your professional life. Be sure to keep your life built around your work. You need to have a career or a way of creating a steady income, remember. One of the biggest fears when living alone is how you’re going to continue funding your life. Make sure you’re wise in terms of your occupation. 


Stay In Touch With All Your Close Ones! 


This is a pretty obvious idea, but it’s one that needs to be said anyway. Have your friends over and continue enjoying life as you did before. Worrying about domestic life can seep into your social life – if you’re in a bad place, then you might not want to see anyone. Your friends and family will be able to help you out as well as make you feel better about your situation. 


Become Friendly With Neighbours!  


Not everyone gets along with their neighbours, but that doesn’t mean you won’t. If you make a good start with those around you, then that’ll help you in a few ways. Firstly, you’ll feel even more comfortable in your new home – which is obviously helpful. You’ll also be able to knock on their door and ask for help with little things if you feel as though you’re struggling. You might even make a very good friend for the future. 

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