a wobbly tooth

This was one milestone that snuck up on us earlier than expected.


For whatever reason, I have had it in my head that six is the average age that milk teeth start falling out. Arlo is five (and a half), so I thought we would still have a bit of time before his first tooth fell out. Something that would happen “next year” rather than now.

Then one of his school friends surprised the teacher and the rest of the class by popping out a tooth without warning during carpet time in the first term of reception. So, I adjusted my timeline expectations a little, but still assumed it was a long way off.

One day a few weeks ago, Arlo mentioned his tooth was hurting a bit. We checked, and sure enough, found one wobbly bottom front tooth.

It was happening. We had a child old enough to be losing his first teeth.

Arlo’s wobbly tooth stayed wobbly for a week or so, before we began to forget about it.

Until one evening, when Sam and I arrived back at grandma and grandad’s (where we have been staying whilst our house renovations take place), after an afternoon of sorting out various things in the new house, to be greeted immediately by a boy who had something “VERY EXCITING” to tell us.

Arlo had been munching away on the gingerbread man I had packed him off with for an afternoon snack (vital when trying to pass the time on a 50 minute school run journey), when all of a sudden his wobbly tooth had fallen out.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to hold onto it for the remainder of the car journey, and we could’t find it afterwards, so Arlo’s first tooth is forever buried somewhere in grandma and grandad’s car (lucky them).

Nonetheless, the tooth fairy deciphered Arlo’s note and dutifully delivered a one pound coin under his pillow that night, which was swiftly spent on a chocolate brownie the next day.

tooth fairy note

Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost my tooth in my grandma’s car, love Arlo xxx

I can still clearly remember playing with my own wobbly teeth, and the subsequent feeling of pushing your tongue through a brand new, empty gap. They way you’d have to adjust how to talk, and how to eat, now there was a hole where a tooth used to be.

It’s strange to have such vivid memories of this time in my life, yet to be old enough to have a child of my own going through the same milestone.

The ‘gap-toothed smile’ years have officially begun.

a wobbly tooth

a wobbly tooth

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  1. I thought it was 6 too – we hadn’t even told Kitty that teeth fall out until one fell out in a post-church biscuit! She lost her second this weekend and I just can’t believe she’s getting to be so grown up!

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