Just before we left, I expressed my concerns that everyone would get Arlo’s cold and that his sleeping would regress. Both these things did happen. The cough and cold set in as we were flying out and I only started feeling better on the day before we came home. It did the rounds with my family. He only slept through once. But that’s life, and there were lots of good times as well.

Cyprus was hot. 35 degrees and sunny all day. My kind of weather. Why did I pack a suitcase full of clothes for Arlo when all he wore were nappies and swimmers?

I went out on a hen night in Ayia Napa. Although I wasn’t drinking and left at a very respectable time in order to save my brothers from a screaming Arlo. He’d been awake and crying for two hours. They’ve not stopped going on about how hard it was, I don’t think they’ll be offering to babysit again any time soon!

The beach is an absolute winner with Arlo. On his first ever swim in the sea, the movement of the waves sent him into a deep sleep. I successfully transferred him to the buggy, where he slept for two whole hours – meaning I got plenty of reading and sunbathing time. He slept for similar stretches on subsequent trips to the beach, so I think I may need to invest in an ‘Ocean Sounds’ CD.

Seeing as he was waking lots in the night and I had a whole double bed to myself, I tried to reintroduce co-sleeping (I always wanted to sleep like this, and I miss the times when he would let himself sleep next to me) , but he was having none of it. The boy likes his own space.

Arlo was the last baby standing at the wedding, and remained in good spirits considering he stayed up way past his bedtime. After the meal, I managed to get him to nod off in his buggy. He stayed sleeping for the walk home, and all through the transfer to the cot. In fact, it was the only night that he slept through until 6am.

Arlo’s eczema got really bad just before we went away and was all over his body for the first few days of the trip. I thought it was the new hydrolysed milk that we’ve been trialling along side breastfeeding. But he’s still on the milk and his skin is fine now. I’ve tracked it back and I think that egg might be the culprit this time. Again, we are playing the guessing game until we know for sure.

Five hours on a plane, plus various delays each side, was difficult. Especially, as my travel sickness pills are a cosh (promethazene). Arlo was congested and uncomfortable. The air stewards made me feel like we were being a nuisance and asked me to stop Arlo crying (as if I was letting him cry for fun). Not sure I’d want to attempt a similar journey again without Sam on board to help.

The wedding was lovely. A clifftop setting overlooking the bay at sunset. I won’t post photos, because it was their day and they might want to keep it private.


It was a once in a lifetime trip as the whole of my mum’s side of the family were there for the wedding. We went for meals, big trips to the beach together, had poolside barbeques at our villa – lots of fun times with the whole family. These will be my lasting memories of the holiday.

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