One thing about this whole parenting business that really fascinates me is the rate at which my childrens’ speech and vocabulary changes so rapidly at this stage in their young lives.

Watching old videos of Arlo chatting away, remembering all the cute mispronunciations he used to make, and suddenly being confronted with the stark difference between THEN and NOW, is always guaranteed to make me come over all emotional in a “OOOOHH THEY ARE GROWING UP SO FAST!!” kind of way.

Every year, as Arlo’s birthday approaches, I think it would be a great idea to record a little interview on camera (and I will do the same with Rory once his conversational skills develop a little further than “Up” and “Dog”).  And every year, I almost forget to do it.

I think the three year video was filmed in November last year, and this year’s interview was filmed at least three weeks after Arlo’s fourth birthday. I decided not to keep the questions the same – who has time to remember what I asked last year? – and I’m not confident that the same set of questions would still be relevant to a twelve year old, and so they are very much tailored to what he is most ‘into’ that particular year.

I’ve put Arlo’s three year old interview together with this year’s interview under the guise of it being an interesting experiment to see the two years side by side. But really, I just forgot to edit his three year video until now.

I honestly have no idea why he has given a special mention to cooking at both ages – he couldn’t be more of a fussy eater if he tried and I’m pretty sure he actually HATES cooking. Don’t believe everything you hear in this video, it’s probably a lie.



  1. I just love the shocked sound in your voice when he says cooking. Bless him, he’s really growing. I remember the first post/video I ever saw of your blog was when you were talking about the baby in your tummy.

  2. Oh that’s so funny – he’s changed so much in some ways but yet his personality comes through exactly the same if that makes sense – and yes, your surprise when he says cooking is brilliant!

  3. I love this. And I agree with Carie that his personality really carries through.

    I’m seriously tempted to steal the idea – if that’s okay (and if I can persuade Thomas to actually sit still enough to capture his answers!)

    1. Of course it’s OK! It was, by no means, an original idea. I’ve seen quite a few people make similar videos. I’d love to hear what Thomas has to say!

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