Home renovations aren’t cheap at the best of times, but when it comes to the kitchen you can really end up spending a fortune!

If you aren’t careful, that is! However, we have discovered some smart tactics that will allow you to create a very stylish kitchen space, without it costing a mint. Read on to find out what they are.

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Go neutral


One of the best ways to achieve a stylish kitchen on a smaller budget is to go for a neutral tone as a base. That means painting the walls white, going for white appliances, and even white cabinets.


In fact, white paint is usually the cheapest available, and it means you can add additional pops of colour to your kitchen easily too.


Also, when it comes to kitchen cabinets don’t stress if the ones you have aren’t white and you can’t afford to replace them. The reason being that you can easily cover the doors with chalk paint instead. Something that is way cheaper and will give you that stylish, minimalistic look you desire.


Search for a bargain


Next, when it comes to achieving a stylish kitchen on a smallish budget, it really is worth your while to look for things like these fridge freezer deals online. In fact, it doesn’t actually make sense to pay full price for appliances when such low prices are available all of the time.


Keep an eye out for bank holidays sales as well, as you can often get some massive reductions during these times as well. Something that means you can get high-end and stylish white goods and kitchen furniture for a bargain price.




Have you ever been tempted to shell out a fortune for some small decorative pieces like the ones you see in high-end department stores? Well, you’re not alone!


However, before you put your hand in your pocket, remember that your hard earned money may be better spent elsewhere. Luckily, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the final finishing touches though, as it is possible to DIY them instead. Something you can learn more about in the video below.



Invest in the things that will make the most difference


Of course, even on a smallish budget, you will have some pieces for your kitchen space that you really have your heart set on, and that’s OK. It’s just you have to be frugal enough in your other choices to afford them.


In fact, when it comes to making the choice of what to invest in a good rule of thumb is that you pick the things that will make the most significant impact. Both aesthetically and to the way that your family lives their lives.


For example, installing bifold doors, might not be the cheapest option, but they let in so much light, open the room out into the garden, and provide a much better opportunity for the whole family to spend more time outside. Therefore this makes them worth the money, even if it does up the budget for your kitchen redecoration a little.

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