Our house purchase (and the sale of our current house) is currently plodding along in the hands of the solicitors.

Whilst we’ve had quotes for the building work and cosmetic work we want to do to the new place, and I’ve been madly pinteresting furniture and decor ideas, we can’t actually get started with any of this or apply for planning permission, etc, until we officially own the house.

We’re in a bit of an in between stage where we know life is going to get busy. Oh it’s going to get seriously busy, and will probably remain so until about this time next year, there is so much to do. But for now we are just waiting for it all to begin.

So, in the meantime, we are making the most of a slow life.


We have no extravagant plans or anywhere to be. Just a simple pace at home and enjoying our favourite outdoor places.

Arlo explores the park with the determined, jubilant run that has become characteristic of him whenever he’s outside – his happy place.

Rory reaches up to the counter on his stool, eager to play his role as Dada’s kitchen helper. They laugh as they crack eggs. Rory repeats every instruction as he concentrates on the task.

We eat together. Something that doesn’t happen as often as we’d like during the week or when Sam is away.

We watch films and we play games on cold, rainy afternoons. The boys have their own jokes and we watch as they shriek with laughter and run around the house.

We listen to them upstairs in their bedroom, absorbed in their wooden train track world, their brotherly backward and forward conversation making us smile.

Nicest of all, we are all together, and I get the sense that everyone is just appreciating the simplicity of family time, together at home. It doesn’t get much better.



  1. Those sound like a wonderful sorts of days and it’s very exciting that your house move is getting even a little bit nearer!

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