You played pass the parcel.

You shared toys with others.

You sat at the big table with all the other children and  both mama and dada had a little moment about how big you are now.

You ran around the ball pit in a desperate mission to put all escaped balls back in, completely unaware that the reason that you kept finding so many balls was because the game was to throw them out of the pit.

Mama held her breath as dada threw you on the bouncy castle. Apprehensive Arlo no more, you absolutely loved it. Even when the bigger children were going wild, you loved being bounced around and knocked to the floor. You didn’t want to get out. You are still talking about the “bouncy warf” (bouncy fort) two weeks later.

You hunted for gold coins.

You ate cake.

You clapped with joy at the end of ‘Happy Birthday’.

And mama was the crazy lady following you around with a camera every step of the way when it wasn’t even your birthday.


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