I have lots to moan about today.

Arlo has now been ill for over a week, apparently he now has a chest infection. He is driving me up the wall with his crying (I know it’s not his fault and I do feel sorry for him, but I’m allowed to say that he’s driving me up the wall, right?).

The 2 lbs I lost last week have crept back on. And because I felt like giving myself more body image issues, I carried out the super-depressing task of trying on all of my summer clothes last night. The ‘still doesn’t fit’ pile is a mountain, there are maybe five things I can salvage to wear this year.

I need to find some money for a donation to my new friends’ Just Giving fund so I don’t look like a right cheapskate or make them think I don’t care. ASDA royally fucked up my nappy order, and I can’t buy more until Sam gets home because I just checked my account and, guess what? I have £4 to my name – I am not adjusting well to the unpaid part of maternity leave.

And at the back of my mind at all times is the knowledge that I am in no way nearer to finding a solution to the work/childcare/money balance – I have no idea what I am going to do.

I have so much to vent, but the thing that I choose to focus on today is nursing bras. Because every single thing about nursing bras is pissing me off right now. Sam is sick of me moaning to him about this, so I’ll do him a favour and write it here instead.

As with many things I buy for myself, I was a proper skinflint when it came to buying nursing bras. I bought a value pack of the cheapest, most unsupportive, unflattering, flimsy bras. I didn’t think it was worth spending lots of money on something that was a temporary measure. Turns out that temporary measure will probably last two years, and no doubt I’ll be reluctantly digging them out again in the near future for ‘The next one’. This is one area that I wish I had looked into properly and not tried to cut corners. If anyone is pregnant, planning on breastfeeding, and reading this, it is so worth it to do some research and buy some decent, supportive, nursing bras.

And, obviously, nursing bras have to be bloody humongous. Had they still fit, most of my summer tops would be useless anyway because of the visibility of the massive bra I have to wear underneath. I used to wear a bikini top in summer to eliminate the visible bra issue, but my pre pregnancy bikini tops combined with my post pregnancy boobs….well, *insert joke about being a really, really, seriously budget page 3 model here* – I have no time for humour when I’m this pissed off.

I love breastfeeding, but sometimes I really wish I had my old boobs back. And that I could wear dresses.

Anyone want to join me in a ‘Pajamas for Summer’ campaign?

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  1. I’m right with you on the pyjama campaign. And the inch wide up to your chin bras too. I have a huge selection to choose from… Like 4 in the whole country FFS.

    It’s defi one of those days! Hopefully it’ll get better soon right? And that “won’t fit yet” pile will soon be back in your full time wardrobe x

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