Oven = ‘Hot’. Arlo has absolutely no concept of what the word hot actually means. He thinks all ovens are called ‘Hots’.

Mr Tumble = ‘Mum-moll’. Tombliboos = ‘Mum-moll’. Yes, confusing.

Milk = Moo. Cheers Arlo, after fifteen months of breastfeeding and trying to avoid giving you cow’s milk products a much as possible, this is the thanks I get. I am a cow.

Home = Ooom or Ummmm. No, that is not Arlo singing as we walk down the road towards the house, he’s just announcing that we are home.

When eating tasty food, it is necessary to always proclaim ‘Mmmmmmm’ very loudly. This is particularly useful to alert mama and dada that Arlo has once again got into the biscuit tin.

One bounce on his knees and an impatient ‘Urm’ noise = Arlo wants you to help him with something. Usually one of the following: read a book, lift his walker over the steep step, open a box.

Lots of knee bouncing and ‘Urh urh URH’ sounds = You have ignored his pleas for help. This is NOT acceptable.

Every action must be followed by a round of applause. Stacking one cup on top of another? Clap. A one note banjo solo? Clap. Don’t worry if you can’t keep up, Arlo will give himself a round of applause.

‘Leeleeleeear’ with hands on ears = ‘Did you know that everyone has ears? EARS?! Crazy’.

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