When you decide that you want to buy a car, one of the most important decisions is to choose whether to buy a brand new car or go for a used car.

The rule of thumb that inclines most people towards buying a second hand car is that the price immediately drops by a good 25% once its driven off the showroom porch. Also, another huge factor is that you get to drive a better model or a better car in lesser price. However, not everyone is an expert when it comes to buying a used car. Below are some tips to help you navigate smoothly through this process:

  1. Check the history of the car: It is very important to know the following:
  • If the car has been in an accident before?
  • Has it ever been stolen?
  • Has the mileage on the car been tampered with?
  • Are the parts original?
  • Has the car been repainted?
  • Is the engine strong? Etc.

Now, if you are well aware about cars then you are good on your own. However, if you are not then there are two ways either to take a mechanic with you who knows about

cars or go to a reliable dealer. If you are looking for a used car then visit KAP Motors and take your pick from a wide variety of brands like Fiat, Suzuki, Nissan etc. At KAP Motors they have a very strict criterion for a used car to qualify for being sold at KAP Motors. Only the best of the best gets selected. So if you are a buyer then you can sit back and relax as you don’t have to worry about checking the history or condition of the car at all. They have got your back on this.

  1. Go for a car that is a year Old: Once a car hits about 10,000 miles which takes about a year for an average car to achieve, its price falls off by 27% and you have to pay far less as its upfront cost reduces by a tonne.
  2. Take the car for a test drive: Now you don’t have to be an expert to know what a strong engine’s drive will feel like if you are a driver. Two things should be kept in mind one; that the car’s ignition does not have a problem that is it starts immediately without making any funny noises and second; how does the drive feel. A strong engine will give you a smooth, controlled drive.

These points are the main tips that one can keep in mind when buying a second hand car and you will be sorted in you process of buying a decent ride for yourself!

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