Last week, I wrote about our trip to the English seaside at the start of the Jubilee weekend. In continuation of the British theme over the long weekend, we had a very British barbeque in the rain, and topped it off with a Jubilee party.

I felt a bit guilty dragging Arlo on an hour’s journey to hang out at a grown up party all day. But I needn’t have worried, as it turns out that this is Arlo’s idea of a great time.

He ran around with a football, watched cars from the windows, and occupied himself sorting the plastic cutlery. He impressed everyone with his ability to identify beer and wine (on sight, not on taste, of course).He allowed Sam and I to catch up with our friends and drink a lot of punch.

Sam and I go out quite a bit separately, but to get us both together is a rarity for our friends.

Best of British party food selection in honour of the Jubilee

It also turns out that Arlo rather enjoys a bit of party food. He wanted to try everything. Very strange considering I was just talking about his lack of enthusiasm for any food that isn’t pureed. Scotch eggs are a new favourite – not very healthy and I don’t like him to eat too much egg as he still gets rashes, but it was nice to see him eat actual finger food for once, and to be excited about trying new foods.

Now to figure out how to get this to work at home…

One of the ten scotch eggs he ate

Of course, as this party was being hosted by Lorna of Lorna’s Cakery fame, there were a variety of cakes to try. Arlo very much enjoyed going up to everyone with cake and asking for a bite.

A red, blue and white theme.

We tried to do a few parties over Summer last year when he was 7 – 11 months old. But trying to fit in socialising in the short window in between nap times was no fun for Arlo or for me. In fact, I really think I knackered myself out too much last year attempting to make Arlo fit around things I wanted to do. I would have been doing myself a favour to have lazy days at home once in a while and give Arlo the chance to have better naps at home. (Oh, this is so easy to say in hindsight. As I’m typing this I am remembering that he refused to nap at home until he was 10 months old).

He is much more comfortable around big groups of adults than he is when around other children. Apart from our once a week baby signing group, he doesn’t get to spend much time with other children (something I hope to recitfy in the next year before he starts nursery). But he is always hanging out with our adult friends, so it turns out that a grown up party is fairly hassle-free for us at this age.

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  1. Gorgeous photos and a beautiful name for your baby boy!
    He seems like a right wee trooper. Our eldest boy is so adaptable too which is just brilliant x

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