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I am a real summer person. I thrive in warm weather, and I won’t go on about how much I hate the UK’s drawn out winters.

During this sunny spell, instead of dwelling too much on holidays and time off that we yet again can’t afford, I am determined to make the most of what we already have at home. Last year, I wrote about how happy I was to finally have a useable garden in time for summer. This year, the garden is very much holding up its reputation as the best room in our house.



The barbecue is in near constant use. Long, warm evenings lend themselves very well to al fresco dinners on the patio.  Arlo wiles away whole afternoons playing with his sand and water table whilst Rory and I enjoy the warm shade. The birth pool has been repurposed as a giant paddling pool (Yes, before I had a home birth, I thought this was a weird idea too, but fear not! Liners ensure that nothing icky actually touches the material of the pool…. I digress).


On the weekends we invite friends over for impromptu barbeques. We put the TV outside so Sam can watch his various sporting events whilst simultaneously enjoying the sunshine. We pop to the shops whenever the mood strikes to purchase summer essentials: ice creams, cold beer, and Diet Coke for the breastfeeders amongst us. (That would be me).


diet coke

I love toddlers in sandals and babies in sun hats. I love the instant entertainment that a garden provides. I love walking barefoot on the grass.

We may not be going anywhere new this year, but that doesn’t stop us from creating summer memories. Our garden is our holiday.

Did I mention how much I really love summer?


Head over to Google+ to check out photos of our journey to the shops to buy Coca Cola.


  1. I dont even wanna go away when its weather like this. I do wish I cus spend evenings outside but I dont wanna sit out alone. Haha

    Kids love being outside and its so nice seeing them enjoying rhe nice weather. We’ve never had the paddling pool out so much ( dont think it was used at all last summer)

    I’m with u. Looove summer.
    Love thst your making summer memories at home x

    1. That’s true – I’d rather be home when the weather is this nice and go holiday when it’s not so nice! Although a UK holiday in this weather would be lovely.

  2. I never thought of putting the telly outside! This weather is bloody amazing, I can’t remember the last time we had weeks of nice weather! X

    1. Ah, I can understand how you feel – our garden was unusable for the first two summers we were in this house, very annoying for someone who loves the sun.

  3. We’ve just bought a paddling pool and its paying for itself in terms of stress relief. The moment the kids get home from school they are snapping at each other because they are hot and bothered, so I order them into the pool and everything is sweetness and light again!

  4. This looks like the perfect summer afternoon. There’s nothing better than seeing the kids enjoy themselves in the paddling pool and having a cool drink in the shade x

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