Let’s face it; family life can be pretty expensive.

There’s always some new purchase on your list, and sometimes it can be tough to stick to the budget. To keep things afloat, it’s worth reworking your budget every now and then to see where improvements can be made. Besides this, it’s a great idea to arm yourself with some financial support tools. So which kind of tools are available? Luckily, there are plenty. Whether it’s second-hand apps, budgeting tools, or financial podcasts, you’ll get plenty of info with these top picks.


1 . Wallapop 


Wallapop is a second-hand app where you can buy and sell a wide range of pre-loved items. Wallapop has plenty of different buying and selling categories, including electronics, video games, sports equipment, children’s toys, homeware, and clothing. The first step is to declutter your home and determine which items you no longer need or use. Once you’ve done this, you can put your old unwanted stuff on Wallapop to make a few extra pennies. Don’t have anything to sell? You can just as easily use the app as a customer; there are plenty of deals to be had on second-hand goods.


  1. Mealime 


Want an easy way to save your family some money? Planning your family meals in advance allows you to create a solid budget, prevent overspending, avoid impulse buys, and ensure no food goes to waste. Mealime is an excellent app for family meal planning. Using the app, you can search for your favorite recipes, and input your dietary requirements, allergies, and preferences. You’ll find that most of the Mealime recipes take 30 minutes or less, meaning you’ll save yourself a bit of time too. 

Planning your meals isn’t just great for your bank balance but it’s also good for your nutritional health. When you plan ahead instead of rushing your choices, it’s easier to make healthier decisions.


  1. The Mortgage Calculator 


Some families find that they can improve their financial health by remortgaging. The process involves transferring your mortgage to a new lender while still living in the same house. With a remortgage, you could stand to get a better repayment rate and improve your monthly budget. To figure out your repayment rate on a certain deal, check out this mortgage repayment calculator. Here you can input your terms, interest, and mortgage amount to receive an accurate calculation. You’ll also access a mortgage repayment chart for a straightforward visualization of your finances.


  1. Spendless 


The Spendless app is a great solution to help your family save money. The app comes with a wide range of features to manage your expenses and income. With Spendless, you’ll get features including balance adjustments, a budget planner, multiple wallets, and data synchronization. If you’re looking to boost your cash flow and receive a detailed breakdown of your finances, Spendless is an excellent application. Cutting your expenses doesn’t have to be complicated; there are plenty of options you can try. From switching your providers to shopping second-hand, there are many ways to save.


  1. Pocket Guard 


The Pocket Guard application links your savings, loans, and accounts in one place to help you manage your money. The application assesses your financial activities and then creates a budget based on your habits and lifestyle. PocketGuard tags your transactions with different categories so that you’ll end up with several separate budgets. For example, a separate budget for your groceries, utilities, leisure, and savings, etc. The PocketGuard app makes it easy to take charge of your savings and perfect your budget. Whether you’re saving for something special or simply want to see your money go further, this is a great tool.


  1. HomeBudget 


With the Homebudget application, you can track your account balances, bills, income, and expenses. The tool offers simplified HomeBudget graphs so that your financial data is easier to understand. Using the application, you can take advantage of the ‘family sync’ setting, allowing you to design a household budget and sync various devices. You can use multiple currencies, attach photos, and browse your expenses. Whether you’re looking to cut expenses or create a stricter budget, this tool can help. 


  1. NerdWallet’s Smart Money Podcast


Want some great money saving tips to support your family? Then tune into the ‘Smart Money’ podcast by NerdWallet. In this show, you’ll get plenty of advice on how to make smarter financial decisions and plenty of savings. Recent episodes have covered themes such as holiday shopping tips; choosing a health insurance plan; retiring early; and cutting your tax bill. Navigating the world of personal finance can be tough, but here you’ll find plenty of advice to improve your financial planning.


  1. Money Wisdom 


Money Wisdom is a top podcast created by Johnson Brunetti, host of the TV show ‘Better Money.’ Throughout these shows, you’ll gain plenty of financial wisdom to help you make better decisions for your family. Whether it’s saving, budgeting, or retirement, Johnson has got all the answers. Learn how to best approach an IRA, 401k, and find the right investment opportunities for you. Episode themes have previously included ‘awkward financial conversations,’ ‘ the basics of insurance planning,’ and ‘questions about real estate.’


  1. My Supermarket


Another great tool to save money on your groceries, the My Supermarket site can help you to save as much as 25% on your weekly shop. So how do you do it? Well, all you need to do is make yourself a shopping list! My Supermarket can help you to compare the prices of your items across all of the different supermarkets in your area. With the My Supermarket website, you can ensure that you save money and always get the very best prices. Grocery shopping can get pretty expensive, but with this application, you can start saving fast.


Hopefully, a few of these tools will help you save some money and improve your financial health. It’s not always easy to save, but once you build better habits, the process becomes far easier.

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