Easter is synonymous with Easter Eggs.

When you were younger, and you had them displayed on the mantlepiece, waiting until your parents told you that it was OK to eat them. 


If you’ve already got the easter egg side of things covered, or are looking for things to do that don’t involve chocolate, we have some ideas for you to try with the kids. 

  1. Get baking 

Hot cross buns are another food that is associated with Easter. Instead of buying some at the shop, why not bake them together as a family? The kids will get a thrill helping to make something and then eat it. 


  1. Create tile coasters


Most people end up taking care of those DIY jobs around the easter holidays. A square bathroom or kitchen tile makes a great coaster. Find a few spares or order from Tile Experience and let your kids paint Easter scenes on them. You can then varnish over them use them for years to come. 


  1. Egg decorating

Start by hard-boiling some eggs (you’ll be happy you did when the kids are throwing them about). Once they’ve cooled, use food colouring to dye them different colours. They, set up some craft materials on the table. Have a selection of paints, pens, glue and glitter. Then challenge your kids to create the best egg. 

  1. Egg hunt

Set up an egg hunt around your home and garden. Leave clues so that they can find them (not too easily) and give them a prize for completing the hunt. 

  1. Start growing 

Easter is the perfect time to start growing many herbs and vegetables. Planting something is a great way to spend quality time together as well as teach kids that food doesn’t grow in shops. Before you start, you can even get some paints to decorate some pots to plant in. You could plant strawberries, tomatoes or if you’re looking for a quicker project, cress. 

  1. Family movie night

Even if you don’t celebrate the religious elements of Easter, it is at this time that the schools are on holiday and you can spend some time together as a family. As this Easter will still be subject to some lockdown restrictions, you’re going to have to stay close to home. A family movie night is an ideal way to get everyone together. Pick the movie you’re going to watch together, get the snacks ready and then close the curtains and enjoy the movie. 

  1. Family talent show

Why not learn a new skill and have a laugh at the same time. Everyone in the family has to prepare something for the talent show, whether that’s dancing, singing, juggling. Remember, the idea is to have fun, so don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself. 

  1. Nature trail

Head somewhere local but scenic for a walk. Make a list before you go of all the wildlife and plants you want to see on the way. Give your children the checklist to complete along the way. Not only will it get everyone out spending time together, but the kids will love trying to find everything on the list so they can mark it off. 

Final thoughts

Easter doesn’t have to be all about the chocolate eggs, there are so many things you can do with an Easter theme that will create amazing memories for your family, worth way more than a chocolate egg. 

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