Staying in is the new going out, did you know?

There’s no messing about with an outfit, no worrying about doing your tan or nails for the benefit of the photos taken of you in the clubs. There’s no need to worry about planning a night along with the costs of getting into the various girly bars and clubs, and you don’t have to worry about the extortionate prices of the cocktails. Instead of trying to people please everyone and end up rolling home at 1am in an Uber with a kebab, why not think about hosting a girls’ night in?

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All you need to do to get ready here is get your hair up, your pyjamas on and order in some food. There’s no need to make a huge plan and try to coordinate a meeting location; you can just meet at the house of whoever is hosting. With your girls night in, you need to ensure that you have all the elements of the perfect night, so you have memories made, selfies taken and food eaten – all in the comfort of your own home. So, what are those seven things that would make your girly night perfection?


Whether you’re into weepies or hack-and-slash killer films, it’s essential to get in a selection of movies for everyone to enjoy. A weepy is great to set off the night, and a good horror is a fantastically fun way to scare you and your friends. This list gives you an indication of the best movies on the market for the perfect night in with friends.

So. Much. Food.

A takeaway is an absolute given for a girly night together. However, it’s not just about the takeaway that you choose. You need nibbles! Anges de Sucre can provide you with the sweet treats you need, while the local deli can put together cheeses and cold meats that will fill your stomach and your heart at the same time. There are no calories that count for a girly night, and you should consider how many of you have allergies or intolerances before you make your choices. The food is half the fun, just don’t forget those movie snacks. Popcorn, cake pops and chocolate are all a must!


Some girly nights go beyond movies and food. Games are a heck of a lot of fun when they’re accompanied with cocktails and shots, so break out the Twister and get Snapchat at the ready. You’re going to want to document all of this, and it’s something you’re not going to forget! Not into the board games? Try truth or dare, or confessions. Your night is all about bonding with your girls; games are a must!


Face packs, foot packs, waxing strips, eyebrow tweezing, makeup tutorials – all of these are staples of a good girls night in. Get some advice and ideas from your friends about a new look and pamper each other. Paint your nails and practice new hairstyles; it’s all open for the perfect girly night together. Girls together are always able to lift each other up and give each other confidence, and it’s the perfect setting to do that.

Online Shopping Trip

A part of a good girl’s night is finding some bargains on eBay and bidding together. Shopping is a fun past time for girls, and it’s even more fun from the comfort of your own sofa in your pyjamas! Crowd around a couple of laptops and start shopping – just don’t go too far overboard!


No matter your tipple of taste, cocktails have to feature on the menu. Get the bottles of booze in and hold a mini cocktail making class. Find some recipes online like these ones and have some fun with the measurements. Of course, being responsible is an absolute must, but you should also consider how deliciously fruity your choices are. Have a competition and blind taste test a selection of cocktails to judge the best ones – it’s great fun when you are together with your favourite people.

Blanket Fort

Don’t bother with beds. Pile out the blankets in the living spaces and have a huge blanket and pillow fort to relax in. Crumbs don’t matter in the folds of comfort, so get everyone to bring their favourite pillows and fluffy blankets for a perfect night in together.

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