Let not your spirits lessen due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

Use this time to make your home style without purchasing new items. You can make your home look like a brand new room either by rearranging furniture or adding one or two elements.


Play with the Layout


Pick one room. It does not matter how long it takes, as long as you finish what you started. Look at the layout of the furniture. Is there a moving bookshelf/chair/unit that you think would look good at some other angle or in some other corner? For other spaces, you can repeat this. It isn’t a norm, remember. Any of your rooms could be just fine. No law states that everything must fit into a grid. You can try it with accent chairs or ottomans; angle it right.

Switch around the furniture to create a fresh look.


You can work from home easily with a particularly designed workspace. No matter how wide or tiny your area is, make sure there’s plenty of light. Select a site with sufficient natural light, demotivate and become boring by working from home and choosing a room that ensures that there is light flow. A nature-friendly environment makes space a personal refuge rather than a work environment. Nothing is like tight spaces to ruin efficiency. Even though you have a tiny desk, ensure that it is detached and concentrate on making your place as exciting as possible.


Hang a photo collage by Canvaspop


You can make personalized canvas prints with Canvaspop. You can print the canvas and up to 24 pictures for an elegant presentation of the canvas or frame print.


All we have to do is to start uploading our image. Every size of the picture fits, and we also have the option from one of our suggested scales, edges, or frame choices. If the designers complete our print preview, we will receive a letter with a free digital print certificate.


To ensure we have a major command before they post it, Canvaspop is here with us. Canvaspop will be doing the rest, within only a few days, our collage print would be made and sent to us.


How does it function?


  • Upload and customize


Just upload your picture to start. It works almost any picture size! Choose a print that is special to you from one of our preferred sizes, edges, or frames.


  • Review your print


Upon completing your print sample, our designers will email you complimentary digital print evidence to approve it. Canvaspop is here to work with you to guarantee that your order is flawless before being printed!


  • Shipped with care


Canvaspop will take care of the rest. In just a few days, your handmade college print will be shipped to you.


Revamp your Patio


The homestays and balconies are more a sanctuary now than ever before during the lockdowns. Use this time for sparking it up if you have one. Starting scrubbing with old pots and replace them. “De-grime patio furnishings with hot water and washing fluid. While removing some furniture, try moving out older furniture.


If the area is enclosed, you can select floor pillows fuzzy and even add color to the outside rock. Such as a garden might look like your window shade, even the smallest room. Get yourself artistic, use your homes like planters, vineyards, and creepers, apply fairy lights or candles to a whimsical touch. The open area on the balcony and patio can be used for night teas.


Transform Spaces


To break the repetitive lifestyle throughout quarantine, one can participate in a refreshing home styling leisure activity. Everyone should turn the dining, balcony, and living room into a working space with a big size, outdoor views, and a practical ethos.


Enrich the micro-environment with the color encoding of paperwork, souvenirs, and indoor plants for maximizing the accessibility of the regions. Reorganizing accessories and sculpturing revitalizes spatial awareness. Innovation and discovery of the current decor are the time required.




Now is the perfect time to spend all your attention on your home. Simple cleaning and removal of a room could have a significant impact on a user. Holding things of nostalgic significance also increases a sense of well-being in your home without uncertainty. But maybe the most striking and relaxing activity in your area is to personalize a little room with your loved ones.


Integrate Spring Décor


Pastel colors, a joyful change as a decoration of the spring, and a discreet backdrop emphasize the positive mood. The easiest way of highlighting spring styling is through floral designs. Put in blankets, teapots, or some other soft furnishings to welcome your homes in your spring of floral textiles.


In these stressful times, it is also important to add greenery through planting plants because they build a sense of whim and life for the interior and contribute to the area’s positive nature. Build a home with environmentally friendly décor.




You can voice your creativity and inspiration through the décor in your living room by making these ideas known. It doesn’t have to be costly, so it requires imagination like sculpture. Your décor should speak of you in place of talking about some pattern or style.

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