Having insurance keeps you, your loved ones, and your business safe from unnecessary financial risks.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mum who wants the kids to be protected, or a home business owner wanting to limit your liabilities, the right insurance policy can help you.

And here’s the good news: there are a lot of steps you can take that will help you to save money on your insurance. Here are the best tips that will help you save on your insurance right away.

Negotiate a Bulk Discount

Many insurance companies in the UK are willing to offer policyholders a discount if they take out more than one form of insurance with them. So if you get your car insurance and your commercial van insurance from the same insurance provider, for instance, you may well be able to negotiate a reduced premium for one or both.


Speaking of asking for a better quote, you may also get a discount on your premium just by asking for one – even if you’re only taking out one policy.

Yes, it is really THAT simple. The insurance market is incredibly competitive right now, so don’t be surprised to find better deals and more discounts as you search for the best policies to buy.

Ask for a discount when discussing quotes with insurance companies and you could get a 5-10% reduction added to your insurance offer. You can even mention the fact that you are comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies to give that discount a little bump.

Compare Quotes

Comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies is also a great way to save on your insurance. When searching for van insurance, for instance, you can use Quotezone to instantly get quotes from multiple providers.

With over 50 van insurance providers to choose from, using Quotezone can really help you save a lot of time and money. The policy details from each provider are aggregated in one place when you compare van insurance through Quotezone, and you will see the quotes displayed on your screen in an instant.

Improve Your Records

There are two things that will affect your insurance quotes negatively, and they are bad credit history and bad insurance track records. Sticking with van insurance as an example, you may have to pay more to insure your van if you have had several accidents in the past.

Having bad credit in your history affects your insurance quotes just as negatively. Before searching for new insurance, it is a good idea to work on your credit score a little. Reorganising some of your loans can give you the credit score boost you need.

Adjust Your Excess

Insurance policies usually impose an excess, which is the proportion of the liability you have to cover yourself in the event of an insurance claim.

Agreeing to a higher excess will often result in lower premiums, but it is a bit of a balancing act because you will have to be in a position to cover that excess if you do ever have to make a claim.

Go with Longer Payment Terms

The last (and perhaps the easiest) tip we are going to discuss in this article is adjusting your payment term. Paying your insurance premium annually can reduce your premium quite a bit, because most policyholders are charged for the privilege of paying monthly. It’s really that simple!

There are still so many ways you can save on your insurance, but we are going to save them for another article. In the meantime, use the tips and tricks in this article to help you start lowering your insurance premiums without reducing the insurance covers and benefits.

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