Clutter is an unfortunate fact of life, but so many of us accept the presence of clutter and do very little to actually eliminate it from the home.

Time is never on our side when it comes to cleaning and establishing a system that works at home, so today we are going to break it down into 6 easy steps that you can take today. Find a tidy place to sit because we are going to get to the root cause of your clutter and design a tidier home.

  1. Introduce functional furniture

When a home does not have enough furniture, clutter can accumulate on the limited furniture because there is no other place for it. Although on the other hand, a home with too much furniture might find random bits and pieces occupying this furniture due to a need to have more decor. To create and maintain a clutter-free home you need to get the furniture balance right and that means only bringing function furniture inside. Instead of a side table, why not choose a chest of drawers that can hold many things in the drawer but still display your decor on top. Think more intentionally about the furniture in your home and how it can reduce clutter.

  1. Storage solutions

If you are serious about eradicating clutter from your home, then you need to think about storage solutions. This doesn’t mean lining your home with large, clear storage containers as there are some stylish options out there that will contribute to the style of your home. Wooden drawers or trays that can slide under your bed are a great way to stow items that you don’t have a home for. Start slow and introduce more storage options as you go so you don’t end up with more storage than clutter.

  1. Bring structure to your cleaning

Do you have a cleaning schedule in your home, or does it happen as needed without much forethought? If the latter sounds like you, then it could be time to sit down with your fellow residents and decide on a cleaning routine that is thorough and targeted to combating clutter. If your home is always at a great baseline tidiness, those out of place items are going to be much more obvious and more likely to be rehomed permanently.

  1. Establish clear zones

Establishing clear zones in a home can really bring some purpose to the flow and function of your home, and it is not as hard as you think it is. Let’s take your living space for example – assess the space and remove anything that does not serve the purpose of the room. This is a zone where you want to relax, connect and be entertained, which means laundry and personal possessions do not have a place in this room. By going through one room at a time you will slowly pair back the bits and pieces that have left their original zone and bring some order to the home.

  1. Get out the label maker

If you are looking around your home and simply cannot part with a single item because they are all necessary – then it may be a case of grouping them together and not hiding them away in storage. Family homes can very quickly fill up with toys and other items for the kids, so consider labelling these things so that they can be grouped together. If you are a busy household, it might be an idea to place crates near the front door and label them with the names of your children, or the function they serve or even the day of the week that correlates to those belongings. If clutter is inevitable, let’s work to make it part of a system at least.

  1. Get inspired

What works for your home today might not be ideal in one month or a years time – and that is absolutely fine. Task yourself with keeping abreast of storage trends and other home decor hacks that can help you maintain a clutter-free home. A good place to start is Home Edit, who has a very successful Instagram page and a show on Netflix, as well as Marie Kondo who has inspired millions to look at their possessions differently. Get inspired by what’s working for others and find out what works for you!




If only there was a button to press that would remove the clutter from you home and have everything in a practical order. Until we get that lucky, here are 6 steps toward finding order in a cluttered home, and we would love to hear which ones have worked for you.

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