Two weeks ago, I knew I was on the cusp of a huge change. I knew that change would soon become normality, and that my current point in life (as a mother to one) would fast seem like an old memory. Now we are here, and it is exactly as I thought.

Rory continues to put away all the milk he can. Having lost none of his birth weight, on Day 11 Rory’s weight was 9lbs 9oz. He feeds amazingly. I’ve had no soreness this time round, which I didn’t even think was possible. I was expecting the same four weeks of toe-curling pain that I experienced with Arlo, but we’ve skipped that bit completely and it’s as if I’m feeding a competent four month old.

Rory is mainly sleeping right beside me at night, although he does do the occasional stint in his moses basket. I don’t check the time during the night, and I barely notice our night feeds, so I can’t be sure of how many times he is feeding. But I’d hazard a guess that it’s every two hours. During the day he varies from two hours to four hours. In two weeks, Sam has only had one freakout about the whole ‘baby in the bed’ thing – he thought he heard him under the duvet (he was in the moses basket). Generally it has not affected Sam’s sleep. It seems that we are all a bit more relaxed this time around.

The saying of the week, coined by Arlo, has been “He’s so baby”.

Arlo’s infatuation with his brother continues. I’ve started to realise that it might be more about attention seeking than anything else. I think it’s his way of dealing with the sudden change in his life. Arlo is very hands on with Rory, squeezing him, squealing in his ear – he doesn’t like to leave him alone for a second. The over-loving has stepped up a notch now that Sam is back at work and there are less distractions at home for Arlo. Poor Rory is not getting much peace, and it can be quite frustrating when I’m trying to get him into a deep sleep.

Arlo has also decided he wants to join in every time Rory has a feed. I am told that this is a phase and if I don’t make a big deal of it, he will go back to his old routine after a short while. Technically, there is no problem with him joining in every time, it’s more a matter of me feeling touched out.

Sam went back to work on day 12. I’ve had the boys on my own for the last few days and so far it’s all been fine (save for a disastrous first outing with the buggy board – I don’t think it’s going to work out). It actually feels very normal to be looking after them both. We have various health visitor, hearing check, and birth registration appointments to keep us occupied in my first week of parenting two children on my own.

Rory is 12 days old in these photos.






  1. That last photo just made me completely melt. Arlo is looking at Rory so tenderly, and Rory looks like he’s confiding a secret to his big brother. Wow!
    I’m glad it’s all going okay with the two and that you are finding your way with your new roles as a foursome. It’s amazing how quickly it all feeling natural. x

  2. Amazing! It sounds like Arlo is coping so well, and like you are too! I think Arlo feeding at the same time probably helps him not to feel left out a lot, we are having a few probs during feeding times. Especially if she is tired it bored. The last couple of days she’s actually started hitting it trying to hurt him. It’s not much fun! X

    1. Oh that sounds difficult. I do think that still feeding Arlo has helped ease the transition, and it’s a nice binding time for him and Rory, but I’m not too keen on Arlo joining in EVERY time Rory feeds, just feels a bit too much!

  3. That last photo is just adorable-captured true brotherly love.
    Sounds like you are all coping well to such a big change-it is funny how much easier babies seem the second time around x

    1. So much easier second time round. It used to take me half a day to get washed and dressed when Arlo was a newborn!

    1. Ah, thank you. I’ve actually been having a right nightmare attempting to get photos since Rory was born. I either haven’t felt like it or didn’t have the right light in the house. So I’m glad that these ones have turned out well!

  4. That last photo is adorable. Rory looks deep in thought. Sounds like you are getting on well. Like Rory my little one has been a great breastfeeder right from birth. Thankfully she goes much longer stretches at night than Rory, it sounds like co-sleeping is working well for you. I would be really struggling right now if my little one was waking for feeds every two hours.

  5. Awwww such beautiful photos. Mine is only 8 weeks and these photos are making me all broody again! He is so gorgeous, glad feeding is going well, I too found it so much easier second time. Felt like I have really enjoyed it this time rather than worrying about every little thing last time. I’m sure Arlo’s feeding will go back to normal once everything settles down a bit more, L x

    1. I think I’m broody already! Well, maybe not broody, but definitely feeling that everything is going WAY too fast. He hardly seems like a newborn anymore!

  6. Congratulations again! These photos are adorable, espeically the last one.

    I’m glad that feeding is going so well, I’ve often wondered if I might skip the pain the second time around as I’ll be experienced, but obviously the baby won’t be! I’m also curious about tandem feeding and would love to hear more if you don’t mind sharing in future. (Although I’m currently giving some serious thought to stopping feeding in order to help our chances of actually conceiving a second child!)

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