The phrase ‘all babies are different’ struck home as soon as Rory was born. His first cries were loud and urgent, entirely different to Arlo’s mild protest.

Arlo was happy to sleep in his moses basket for 3 hour stretches. Rory prefers to be held, and was very restless in his first few days.

Rory likes sleeping next to me at night.

Rory spends time awake, and has done from day 1. We didn’t see both of Arlo’s eyes open until he was at least 2 weeks old. When awake, he is peaceful.

Rory latched straight away and has fed perfectly ever since. Arlo had huge troubles learning to latch and didn’t feed properly until day 3. On another feeding note – I was warned that being a bigger baby, Rory might lose more of his birth weight than usual. The day 5 weigh-in has been and gone and he actually weighed 20g heavier than his birth weight.

Despite the perfect feeding, the midwife has told me that he has a tongue tie. My first instinct was to leave it, as it isn’t causing either of us any hassle or discomfort. But i have been told that it can affect speech and feeding later down the line. I’ve also noticed some clicking and can hear him gulping down air sometimes, the tongue tie might be making him windier than usual. So I’m planning to get a second opinion on what to do from a tongue tie expert.

I’ve been having a bit of a break from my big camera whilst I’m soaking in this time with my newborn. I do plan to take some ‘proper’ photos in the next week or so, but my iPhone camera has proved very handy in the last week.

Arlo is completely taken with his brother. People said when introducing new siblings it will either go one of two ways – I was expecting Arlo to be completely disinterested, but we definitely have an over-lover. He’s always stroking his head, giving him kisses, saying “He’s so cute, isn’t he?”  Unprompted and out of the blue, Arlo has said “I love you Rory” quite a few times. When I put Arlo to bed last night, he told me “It’s nice having a baby here, isn’t it?” A week on, the novelty of the new baby has not yet worn off and Arlo is still constantly cuddling and fawning over his ‘baby brother’.

On Rory’s first full day at home, Arlo came back from the shops and I heard him say “Where are they?” Straight away he grasps that it’s no longer just Mama, that Rory is part of the family now too. Sam has told me that on their trips out he always says “We’ll see mama and baby Rory when we get home”.

So far, it’s not even occurred to Arlo to be jealous. Not even when he sees us snuggled in bed in the morning, Rory having a feed. He’s happy to ‘help’ Rory find the boob, and he doesn’t seem at all bothered about having to share something that just one week ago was his alone. Maybe because he still has the occasional breastfeed, he has more understanding of the fact that Rory likes boobs a lot. Either way, I couldn’t have asked for a better transition for Arlo. I’m so proud of him for the way he has handled all the changes.

Rory and I have managed to have a bit of alone time, which has been really nice (as I’m sure it will be a rare occurence!) We were alone together all day on Day 5, when Sam went to watch Crystal Palace at Wembley and Arlo was with Grandma. And today Sam and Arlo have gone off to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs – so it’s just me and Rory again. Sam is back to work on Monday (Rory will be 13 days old), so we have a few more days left to enjoy going at a slower pace and settling in as a family of four.

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  1. So lovely to hear how you’re all getting on and it sounds like Arlo is the model big brother – how adorable! Rory is a little cutie too, love his first week in pics xx

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