Let’s face it: children can be very messy. What with all their clothes, their eating habits, and the toys, your house can get untidy quickly and easily. Even though it’s impossible to keep your house completely perfect at all times, we all have our limits when it comes to kid clutter and damage to your interior space.

At some point, if you’re constantly tripping over stuffed animals and toy cars, you’ll snap and lose it or worse, someone will get hurt. That’s why it’s important to try and reign in the amount of stuff lying around your house. If you have a limited amount of space in your home, staging your home because you’ll be moving soon, or simply want to keep your home looking fresh, then it’s time to get to organising and change some things around.

Keep the toys to one or two areas

Ideally, your kids’ toys should be restricted to a few designated spots in your home. These are usually their rooms and a playroom. Encourage your children to keep their toys only in these areas.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be a hard and fast rule. If they do bring some toys out, they should also return them to their designated space, rather than just leaving stuff lying throughout the house.

Keep clothes updated

Getting a handle on your kids’ clothing can be extremely tough. Kids grow so fast that you’ll feel like one minute, you’ve just bought a new pair of trousers, and the next, you’re throwing it away because your child has outgrown it.

If you don’t keep track of all the too-small clothes and get rid of them, you’ll quickly run into a storage problem. No one wants to search through piles of clothes that don’t fit when getting your child dressed in the early morning. Instead, keep a box handy for clothes that are too small—you can sell or donate these later.

Clear out regularly

The same principle goes with your children’s toys too. Just as kids outgrow their clothes, they’ll also grow out of their toys. Make it a habit to search through their items and set aside the books, games, and toys that they don’t use anymore.

You can even ask your kids which toys they are interested in no longer to help with the purging. On top of that, this is a good time to introduce them to the act of donating. There’s always another child somewhere who would love to play with these toys!

Use smart storage

When it comes to storing toys, use containers that can serve multiple purposes. For example, ottomans are fantastic since they can hold items and provides a place to sit. Also, benches that you can open work really well as alternative toy chests.

Other than furniture, you can be creative when it comes to toy storage. Use canvas hampers and wicker baskets when you want to clear toys away. Instead of clear plastic containers, try colored ones that match your shelving or walls. And if you’re expecting company, these are great for a quick solution to hide away clutter.

A good teaching moment

Teach your children that it’s important to put everything back where they found it. Even with all the tips and tweaks to your house, it will all be for nothing if your children don’t follow in your example. That’s why you should encourage them to always tidy up after themselves.

The younger they start, the easier it will be to make cleaning up a habit. And if tidying up is part of their routine, it’ll be less of a burden on you as parents. Overall, everyone wins!

You can also consider living with kids – and the chaos they cause – as a teaching moment for yourself. Holding onto material things just doesn’t make sense anymore when they get damaged or destroyed on a regular basis. So learn to breathe and just cope with whatever your situation is in the best way possible.

With these tips, you can keep your house tidy while also letting your children have fun with their toys. And whether you have extremely messy kids, regularly have guests over, or just moved in, you’ll always benefit from a neat and orderly home.

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