Families worldwide cherish making time to enjoy fun activities as a unit.

Staycations are a go-to for many families to fulfil this need because they provide a fun and cost-effective way of having an equally memorable vacation experience without having to go abroad.  These regional and national vacations are very popular in the UK, with 2020 Statista data estimating that residents took about 60.5 million staycations last year alone. If you’re looking for helpful tips to plan your next family staycation, take a look at these suggestions below.


  • Plan your activities

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A well-outlined itinerary is vital to your staycation experience, and so you must decide on what specific activities to engage in as a family before setting off from home. Multiple travel experts recommend preparing a daily plan for family staycations, especially if you are travelling with kids. Good planning will reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to enjoy a better time spent with the family, so consider properly planning each day for a more orderly and memorable experience.  


  • Choose a fun-filled destination


Many travel experts advise that you choose a location with plenty to do for both kids and parents to guarantee that everyone has a great time. As such, you should include everyone in the destination picking process. Depending on what you prefer, you can choose holiday parks, cottages for hire, theme parks, holiday apartments near a lake or mountain, etc. You may want a rental car to make sticking to your schedule easier, so check out services like Choose My Car for the best deals that best suit your needs.


  • Create packing lists


The stress of personal packing when travelling is significantly increased when packing for the whole family, and making sure everyone’s stuff is packed and ready to go. Therefore, many parents who frequently go on staycations recommend having packing checklists for each person and the family as a unit to prevent last-minute panic-packing. Make sure to pack items you’ll all need like electronics, towels, sunscreen, etc., to ensure that the family isn’t deprived of essentials while outside. Also, personal checklists will ensure that you pack people’s specifics like medication to guarantee that you cater to everyone’s needs.


  • Have a budget


Budgets regulate many families’ spending all year round, and your staycation shouldn’t be an exception. The idea behind staycations is economising, and so it is crucial to decide on a family budget that allows you to have maximum fun at the least cost possible. You will need a standard budget for essentials like food and the activities you will engage in, with a little extra cash aside for spontaneous, fun activities to make your trip more memorable. Prioritise budgeting because it will save you from worrying about overspending and how to pay bills afterwards.


  • Prioritise accommodation

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Your accommodation choice will profoundly impact the staycation experience, so you must invest in securing the right accommodation for a memorable staycation experience. Sites like Airbnb and Hotel.com exist to help you find and compare the best deals and decide what budget-friendly housing option is best for your family. Again, travel experts recommend an all-inclusive decision-making process for the whole family, so do well to involve everyone for the best results.

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