Moving home can be a challenging time.

There will probably be some changes in your life that are behind the need for a new home, and then there will also be the time you will need to dedicate to selling your home, viewing potential homes and making big decisions. We want to help to take some of the stress out of the process for you by sharing our 5 steps to moving home with you today. 

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Get your property ready to sell


As soon as you have made the decision that you want to move home you should start getting your property ready to sell. 


It is a good idea to get any odd jobs finished around your home and complete any decorating projects. It can then be worth having a clear out so that your home does not look too small and crowded. This will serve you well when you do come to move as you will have already been through and decluttered and tidied everything. 


Get two to three estate agents to come out and give you market valuations and talk you through their processes and fees. You can then select the agent that you are most comfortable with to market your property. 


Many vendors will not accept offers on their homes whilst you still have a property to sell, so it is worth getting your house on the market and sold before viewing potential properties. 


Talk to your mortgage lender 


Now that things are moving along, you should make an appointment to talk to your mortgage lender


Share your current income and outgoings with them, the sale price of your home and the amount that you would like to spend on your new property. They will then be able to advise you how much they can lend to you. 


You will be able to run through the monthly costs to give you an idea of what you will be paying out, and you will leave feeling reassured that you can go out and view and offer on a new home. 


You will first want to settle on a location


With the finances in place and your own home sold, you can begin your property hunt and it needs to start with the location. 


Maybe you are daydreaming about an hdb rental flat in Singapore or a beachfront property in the south of France. Or maybe you are looking closer to home and you have your eye on a little village nestled in the Peak District or a sleek city pad in London. 


Once you have decided where you would most like to move to, it is time to start carrying out your research into the area.


Have a think about the amenities that are important to you. This might be good schools, shops and restaurants, accessible commuter links or public transport. 


Draw up your wish list


With the location decided, you can draw up your new home wish list. If you are buying with a partner then you should sit down and do this together so that you can ensure that you are both on the same page.


Start off by writing down everything that you would love to have in your next home. Think about anything from the number of rooms, the size and nature of the garden, your car parking needs and features and condition of the property. You will also want to consider whether you have a preference around the age of the house and its position within the neighbourhood. For example, would a busy road be acceptable?


After you have written everything down, take the time to think about which of these items are absolutely essential and which ones you might be able to compromise on. It is unlikely that you will find something that ticks every single box, so it makes sense to be prepared to compromise.


The property hunt


You can search for properties yourself as well as calling up local estate agents and letting them know your requirements. Do take the time to view the properties that do not tick every box as you might find that they appeal to you more in real life than on paper. 


When you have found the right home for you, you can put your offer in and negotiate with the agent before settling on a price that you are happy with. 


As soon as your offer has been accepted, let your mortgage lender know so you can make your application and instruct your solicitor to begin work on your purchase as well as your sale. 

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