While lockdown measures are only just beginning to ease in the UK, many of us are looking forward to spending more time outside of our homes.

It’s not that we don’t love them, of course, it’s just that we never intended to spend that much time in them every single day. We’ve done our best to keep on top of the housework, keep things neat, clean and tidy and ensure that the whole family can be relaxed and at peace in the home. Still, it’s only natural that we might want to put some distance between ourselves and our living spaces now that we can leave the home for more than an hour at a time. 

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Still, this is also the perfect time to start implementing some changes in the home. A chance to redecorate and reorganise. A chance to breathe new life into the home and help it to like a calmer, happier, healthier living space. And when it comes to your home decor, natural materials like wood, stone, cotton and bamboo are always the best way to go. While you might be expected to pay a little more for them, they’re so much more beneficial to your home and all who live within it. 


Here’s why… 


They help us feel calmer and happier


It’s hard to chill out when we’re surrounded by synthetic materials. They look and feel “wrong” to us, even if we’re not consciously aware of it. Natural materials, on the other hand create a calm and relaxing living space. They not only look great, they make it easier to relax, work and play with a serene mind. 


They’re better for the environment


Of course, natural materials require the use of finite natural resources. However, their production requires less energy and creates less waste and toxicity than their synthetic counterparts. If you buy locally sourced and crafted decor you can be sure of a home that looks great sustainably. Eco-conscious householders will feel much happier knowing that their home doesn’t contain decor which is damaging to the planet. 


They’re versatile


Natural materials are inherently versatile. They lend themselves beautifully to the creation of everything from flooring to furniture and cookware. Just take a look at these sensational Limestone Tiles which look great in any indoor space. Likewise, hardwood flooring can be equally at home in the lounge, the bedroom or even the kitchen (with some caveats).


They’re hard wearing


Synthetic materials are rarely made to last. They’re manufactured with volume rather than quality or longevity in mind. Natural materials, however, tend to be extremely hard wearing, making them a great long term investment for your home. They take wear and tear with good grace and can brighten up your home for generations. 


They match every style


Finally, another great thing about natural materials is that they lend themselves equally well to all kinds of styles. Whether you like your decor traditional, contemporary, minimalist ot farmhouse chic, you can achieve the look you want with materials like wood, iron and stone. 


So, whatever changes you have in mind during the foreseeable future, choose natural materials to bring your vision to life. 

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