The yummy mummy whatsapp group messages are coming through thick and fast – the time has come to organise a day out with the girls.

Once you’ve tackled the first hurdle of agreeing on a day everyone is free (absolute nightmare!) it’s time to figure out what you want to do.

If you’re anything like me, time alone is to be cherished, so you don’t want to spend it doing anything boring. If you’re on the hunt for some quirky mummy meet-up ideas then take a look at my top picks…


1. Put Your Feet Up At The Electric Cinema, Notting Hill

Electric Cinema

Cuddle up with your girl gang because this quirky cinema is a perfect mum’s outing. There’s nothing better than enjoying some me time, snuggling up under cashmere blankets and reclining on a luxurious armchair or sofa.

There will be plenty of photo opportunities too at Electric Cinema because it’s one of the oldest in London and captures the charm of Edwardian Britain. With a bar stocked with all your favourite tipples, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The biggest challenge you’ll have when you head to this luxury cinema is resisting the urge to fall asleep. Dim lighting, blankets and a couple of gin and tonics are a recipe for some serious mum snoring!


2. Unlock Your Inner Child With An Escape Game Adventure

If it’s been a while since you let your inner child loose, then it’s time you enjoy an Escape Room in North London with your fellow parent pals. Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop takes place at The Depot and offers some silly, carefree fun.

The 60 minute challenge follows the story of twisted toy-maker Poppa Plock who needs your help to create the ultimate toy. Guided by ventriloquist dummy, your team must work together to take on the crazy clues, contraptions and characters within to complete the challenge. It’s the perfect opportunity to reach out of your comfort zone and try something new as a mum squad.

3. Get Down And Dirty On A City Farm

Okay, so it’s not quite a night out on the town, but this it’s quite a fun option – with or without the sproggs along. If the idea of a city farm has never even crossed your mind, you’re not alone! Most people don’t even know they exist – especially not in London. However, the exciting little city farms around London like Hackney City Farm offer the opportunity to pet and feed animals as well as enjoy the surroundings.

It’s totally free to get in and can be a drop in destination or a full day out depending on your plans. Complete with a yummy Italian cafe, your mum tribe will be able to enjoy a full day at the farm without a care in the world.

Get Involved In A Barbeque Bonanza on the Southbank

Barbeques seem to have evolved into a dad job, and we don’t think it’s fair. If you feel like you’ve missed out on years of BBQ fun, then it’s time to head to the South Bank Pop-Up BBQ Bonanza.

Reserve a private spot for you and your friends right on the river Thames and enjoy gourmet BBQ grub served just how you like it. All that practise playing the kids at garden games might just come in handy – they have Giant Jenga, Boules, Skittles, Beach Tennis and Swingball!

Don spy gear and save the world together in London or Brighton

If you’re looking for an Escape Room in London or Brighton then Operation Mindfall will be perfect. Experience new things together and expand your worlds as you take on this Outdoor Escape Room Game at The Speaker in London and The Walrus in Brighton.

Enjoy some time with your mum friends figuring out how to use your wits and a range of spy gadgets to unlock clues hidden around the city. During your exciting trip out you’ll encounter mysterious characters, solve mind boggling puzzles and use the latest augmented reality to complete this top secret spy mission.

Thinking of arranging a mum’s day trip? 

Take a look at my summer clothes haul video to give you some style inspiration for your day out. Or, if you want a mum’s day out but you’re the only mum in your friendship group, take a look at how to navigate relationships when none of your friends have children.

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