No matter how many ‘No gifts please’ we write on our invites, let’s face it, everyone loves receiving gifts, be it on birthdays, or anniversaries, or any other special day/ The thrill is in the surprise and the chase. The problem arises when you think of giving something to the ones you love and can’t come up with anything. 

Sometimes, Nothing seems to fit your criteria, and you end up getting frustrated. Either the things that you see don’t match your taste, or they exceed your budget. It all becomes like a messy dilemma.

But worry no more, for you have landed on the ideal post for you at the moment. We are here to help you find the best birthday gift ever. Keep reading to find out.



  • Box Of Luxury Chocolates – A Gift For All Ages


Everyone loves chocolates, and honestly, they are perfect for every occasion, especially birthdays. Chocolates are literal mood-lifters that go straight to the heart. Nowadays, there are a variety of chocolates available in the market that not only taste good but also look quite gorgeous. 

If ordinary swiss or white chocolates are not your types, You can order homemade chocolates or even customise them according to your needs. You can also give your friend a set of exquisite liquor chocolates, if getting a little tipsy doesn’t scare him/her.


  1. Novels – For the Bookworm

Have a bibliophile in the family? Finding gifts for them might seem the easiest, but it is not. Most people assume that you can give any random book to someone who likes to read, but finding the perfect book for that person usually takes effort. 

For starters, you must know their preferences, likes and dislikes, their favourite genres and authors. If you can surprise them with any book from their treasured ‘to-read’ list, they will remain forever grateful to you.


  1. Polaroid Camera – who doesn’t like to peek into memories?

Does your friend insist on taking pictures wherever you go and hoards them in their phone? It’s time you gift them a polaroid camera. These mini cameras are perfect for the ones who love revisiting their favourite memories. 

These cameras have instant photo features which are generally loved by all age groups. They can keep the polaroids with them forever- they can make scrapbooks with them, or put them up together to create a wall of special birthday memories!


  1. Customised Planner – For The Most Organised 

We all know that one person who loves to plan ahead of their time- be it for an event, or any random day, or maybe a whole year! The best thing you can gift them is a planner which they can utilise to the fullest. These are extremely handy too.

They will be happy to fill it in and maintain it regularly. Add a personal touch to your gift by customising it. You can engrave their name on the cover and fill a few pages in between with their pictures — interesting, right? 


  1. Art Prints For The Wannabe Picasso Of Your Group

There will always be that one art enthusiast in a group of friends. If they are artists themselves, you can give them their coveted art supplies. But if they are the art-appreciating kind, getting them valuable art prints of famous paintings from Frida Kahlo’s to jackson pollock’s will send them on cloud nine. Learn about their favourite artists and find a good copy, which they can put up on their wall. 


Ordinary presents like cakes, flower bouquets, and cards can always be your go-to option when you are struggling to make the right choice of a birthday present. But the gifts we have mentioned above are for those special people in your life, for whom you are willing to go the extra mile. Moreover, finding something suitable in little time is a rare phenomenon. Thus we suggest that you opt for websites that support same-day delivery gifts, to avoid missing the special day! 


Let us know what you got for your loved one. Were happy tears involved!

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