The Mediterranean Sea draws millions of visitors every year, with hopes to bask in the sunshine, explore the coast, walk along the seaside and swim in the crystal blue waters.

Italy is one of the best places to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, as it is literally surrounded by it. The weather is also usually very mild most of the year, making it possible to enjoy coastal gems even during low season.

Here are 5 gems off the coast of Italy that you can enjoy year round:

  1. Cefalù

Cefalù is a charming fishing village on the island of Sicily. The village itself is nestled between a towering granite mass called ‘La Rocca’ that you can climb up for stunning views and the gorgeous sea. Sicily is full of charming places, but Cefalù is a coastal gem that will truly enable you to slip right into holiday mode and take in the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, while also experiencing the Sicilian spirit. If you visit during the weekend, be sure to visit the outdoor market in town!

It is highly recommended to rent one of the many luxury villas in Cefalù available on websites like Wishsicily to have an authentic Sicilian experience, where you can enjoy the pace (and peace) of village life, privacy, and the stunning views. Plus, the cost of living in Sicily is not high at all (even compared to the rest of Italy) so renting a private accommodation is even quite affordable.

  1. Positano

Positano is a popular destination, and for good reason! You can hike the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei), go out on a boat for some of the best views from the water (and maybe even head over to the island of Capri), and spend your days relaxing on the beach with shallow waters you can wade into as you please. Honestly, the whole area of the Amalfi Coast is full of small seaside towns, all gorgeous and worth visiting if you have the chance. Planning a trip during low season may be a smart idea, as it can get quite crowded in the summer months. Plus, the weather is pretty mild year-round.

  1. Porto Ercole

Porto Ercole is a charming little town located in Tuscany. For a relaxing day swim, beach camping, or night swimming under the stars, head to Feniglia Beach in Porto Ercole. You can also catch a gorgeous sunset that is mesmerizing as it fades over the Mediterranean Sea. The boardwalk is filled with locally owned restaurants where you can enjoy freshly caught seafood.


  1. Manarola

Manarola is one of the 5 coastal villages of Cinque Terre. This is a destination to consider visiting during the off-season, although the water won’t be quite as warm. The summer months draw a lot of visitors, making the small coastal towns feel rather packed in especially during the hot summer.

Manarola is one of the most popular of the 5 and is the second smallest. While there, you can go for a stroll along the waterfront and make your way up to Punta Bonfiglio, which is where you have probably seen the iconic Manarola photograph.

Any time you can jump into the Mediterranean Sea from Manarola will make for an unforgettable memory.


  1. Sperlonga

Sperlonga is a seaside town located to the south of Rome. The old town is charming and full of character, and the north part of Sperlonga is modern, well-kept and known for its well-developed beaches. If you prefer trees and greenery that line the seaside, head to the south of the town, where you can have access to proper beach establishments and enjoy the inviting seaside that leads to the Mediterranean Sea.

Since Sperlonga is easily accessible from Rome, this is a wonderful destination to visit either after exploring Rome or to connect to after flying into Rome.

These 5 are just a few of the coastal gems that Italy has to offer. Italy is full of small towns like these and gorgeous waters and beaches to explore and enjoy year round.

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Emily Jones



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