Has COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns and social distancing guidelines got you tired of living and working from your bedroom?

If so, then when we move out of the pandemic and back to our ‘new normal’ a complete bedroom renovation project could well be on the cards. Sound exciting? Read on for four transformative renovation ideas for your bedroom in 2021.

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  1. Rip Up Your Carpet


Normally you might consider oak flooring for your kitchen but it can have an even more profound impact in a bedroom compared to the traditional carpet flooring many of us are accustomed to. Why not opt for oak flooring when renovating your bedroom? After all, you want to completely transform the room, so what better place to start than from the ground up?


Oakwood is particularly hard-wearing too, so if you’ve got pets or young children who you allow into your bedroom with you, then this might prove particularly handy. It’ll even improve over time with age – just like your favourite red wine! Personally, wood flooring tends to give off a modern vibe, so if that’s what you’re after, then don’t hesitate to rip up that horrible old carpet!


  1. Be Clever With Space


If there is a nook in your wall that you’re just not sure how best to utilise, then why not turn it into a built-in wardrobe or storage space? There’s nothing worse than clutter littering up a modern-looking bedroom, so be clever with the space you do have and turn anything underused into storage. A carpenter needn’t be too expensive either if you shop around in your area. Be savvy with the space under your bed too, IKEA provide plenty of under bed storage solutions. 


  1. Create An Accent Wall


If your bedroom’s four walls are all the same colour, then why not shake things up a bit by creating an accent wall to draw attention to a particular area of the room. Normally this works best on the wall against which your headboard rests as it seems to be the most natural solution. 


What is extremely popular at the moment is creating a shaker style accent wall that sits behind your bed frame. Again, this can easily be achieved by an inexpensive carpenter or even yourself if you don’t mind a bit of DIY and have access to a saw and some timber. Once you’ve cut your pieces into shape and arranged them against the wall, it’s then time to prime and paint.


  1. Bring The Outdoors In


Adding potted and hanging plants to a bedroom can really transform its look and appeal. It’s very popular nowadays to bring elements of the outdoors into your home, putting you more at one with nature. If you don’t like the thought of fruit flies flying around your bed or the chore of having to remember to water several plants every week, then simply invest in fake alternative plants to create an almost identical effect. Trust us, this is a real game-changer in the bedroom!

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