All family homes are inherently busy and chaotic.

This can sometimes result in parents becoming overwhelmed because they can no longer contend with all the mess that is being generated. Therefore, it’s important for parents to choose the interior design of their homes carefully, so they can make their lives a little easier and less messy.

Choosing the right flooring is one of the best ways to make running the family home easier. We particularly recommend laminate for several different reasons. If you’re dubious and need further convincing, then you should read on to find out why exactly we think that laminate is the perfect choice for family homes. Alternatively, you could browse this UK Laminate Flooring Shop and see its advantages for yourself.

1.) Non-Allergenic

It can be incredibly difficult for parents with children who suffer from allergies because anything and everything can trigger an allergic reaction. Fortunately, this isn’t something you need to worry about with laminate. Materials like carpet tend to trap things like dust mites and pollen spores in their fibres, which can stimulate an allergic reaction in children.

However, as laminate has a completely smooth surface, these particles cannot accumulate on the material. Also, if anything does happen to blow into the home, parents can quickly detect and brush away these allergy-inducing motes.

2.) Hygienic

Laminate is also more hygienic than other materials. As the surface of laminate is impermeable, this means that any spillages on its surface can be easily cleaned away. Furthermore, as laminate doesn’t have large gaps between its planks, no bacteria can grow where you can’t see it.

This isn’t the case with wooden floorboards and carpet, unfortunately. Carpet is particularly problematic because this material is incredibly absorbent. Cultures of bacteria could be growing within the fibres and you would have no idea. If you have toddlers crawling all over the floor, you could be putting them at risk of developing a nasty bug. That’s why laminate is a much more hygienic alternative for parents.

3.) Low Maintenance

As we mentioned before, family homes are usually quite chaotic, meaning they are accident-prone environments. Food is bound to get dropped and drinks are often spilt. Fortunately, laminate is incredibly easy to clean.

As the material is water-resistant, this means liquids sit on the surface without soaking in – so all parents need to do is grab their mop or a wad of kitchen roll to dry things up. The same can’t be said for carpet.

Laminate is also great because crumbs are easily swept away with a brush; you don’t need to whip out the hoover every time your kids get biscuit crumbs all over the floor. As laminate floors are low maintenance, they are perfect for busy parents who don’t have much time for cleaning.

4.) Durable

One of the best things about laminate is its durability. The material is made from several layers of high-density fibreboard, plus fitted with an underlay. Therefore, laminate can withstand high levels of impact without becoming damaged. It’s also scratch-resistant because the decorative layer of laminate (which gives it the appearance of real wood) is coated with a protective gloss.

All these factors together mean that laminate is incredibly durable, meaning it’s a cost-effective investment for parents who have accident-prone households.

These are some different reasons why laminate floors are the perfect choice for family homes. Not only are they low-maintenance, hygienic and durable, but they are also cost-effective because they last longer without losing their lovely appearance.

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