Now that the weather is improving, you have a lot more opportunities to get out in the garden and enjoy your outdoor space.

But, the chances are, you probably neglected your garden over the winter because nobody wants to get out there and take care of maintenance when the weather is horrible. That means that you need to do a bit of work before your garden is ready for us again. If you hate gardening, you may be dreading it, but you don’t have to spend months working on the garden to get it looking nice because there are some simple changes that make all of the difference. These are the easiest ways to revamp your garden and get it ready for summer. 

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Clean the Patio and Driveway 

Over the winter, the wet weather creates the perfect conditions for moss and algae to grow on surfaces like the patio and driveway. This makes your garden look very rundown and uninviting, but it is easily fixed. Call in a patio and driveway cleaning company and they will be able to completely transform those outside areas. Your patio and driveway will look brand new, and it’s a lot cheaper and easier than replacing them. This is one of the simplest changes that you can make in the garden and it has a big impact. 

Artificial Grass 

A nice lawn really brings your garden together, but it does take a lot of work. If you start getting brown spots, you need to spend a lot of time working out the cause and treating the lawn, and that’s a lot of work. But if you want your garden to look great all of the time with minimal effort on your part, you should consider putting some artificial grass down instead. You can get some great artificial grass that looks so realistic, and you won’t have to worry about cutting it or maintaining it ever again, so if you hate gardening, it’s a great investment. 

Paint Wooden Fixtures 

The wooden fixtures in your garden need to be maintained if you want to keep your garden looking fresh. If you have faded and peeling paint on the fences, trellises, or decking, it makes your garden look very tired. But it’s not difficult to give them a quick coat of paint and it makes a huge difference. If you want to save yourself some time in the future, make sure that you use good quality paint and sand the wood down before painting. 

Add Some Flowers 

If you are not a keen gardener, the idea of planting flowers might seem like too much work. However, there are plenty of great low maintenance flowers out there, and if you buy them fully grown, they are easy to put in. It will only take you an hour at most to plant some flowers around the garden, but that burst of colour will make the whole outside space a lot more inviting. 


These are some of the best low effort ways to spruce up your garden and create an outdoor space that you can make good use of. 

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