Many of us enjoy home improvement projects, while others feel we’ve got no clue where to start. If you’re not used to DIY projects, the process can feel a little daunting.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools that can teach you the ropes. When you’re tackling your next home improvement project, be sure to add these apps to your phone.


1 .DIY On A Budget


DIY On A Budget is a social community, where users support each other with various DIY projects. It’s a great place to receive feedback and get advice on different tasks. Take a look at the DIY gallery for lots of inspiration, receive feedback, or create your own polls. Here you can ask the community just about anything related to home maintenance and improvement. Want some advice on distressing wood? Looking for upcycling ideas, or tips on how to keep your water tank clean? Ask away, and take your DIY skills to the next level.


  1. WoodShop Widget 


This application includes wood-related features and functionalities. A few of the features include board volume calculators, squareness testing, and shellac mixing support. For all your woodwork and construction projects, it’s a useful support tool to have. Select either imperial or metric, whichever you prefer. With the special movement feature you can figure out how your board might shrink or grow (depending on the environment). Try WoodShop Widget to create compound miter cuts, using whichever angels you require.


  1. Family Handyman App


The Family Handyman app provides plenty of neat ideas and handyman secrets, to save you time and money. Here you’ll find tips on thousands of topics, whether it’s woodwork, painting, or cleaning. No matter which home improvement task is on your list, the app is bound to have some great advice. Whether you’ve got plumbing issues or are looking to build a bookcase, here you’ve got all the support to turn you into a DIY pro. Once you’ve got into the swing of DIY projects, you’ll feel more confident to improve your home, (without calling in the experts).


  1. Garden Designer 


Once you’ve tackled all your chores inside, it’s time to tackle your garden. With the help of the garden designer app it’s simple to design the garden you desire. The app includes thousands of ideas and objects that you can use in your garden plan. It’s simple to drag and drop the elements you need, whether it’s a pool, trees, plants or decking. With the Garden Designer app you can snap a photo of your plan, so it’s easier to share your ideas. Creating a beautiful garden is one of the best ways to enhance your home and extend your living space.


Before tackling any home improvement project it’s important to consider health and safety, and ensure that you know exactly what you are doing. Closely follow the instructions for any tools you are using, or watch tutorials to double check the methods and techniques.

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