The top of my head is in a permanent state of frizz these days thanks to post partum hair loss.

And I still have hair falling out at the same rate so god knows when the frizz will end.


A new toy.

Trains and stacking?

I got all the washing up done without a peep from Arlo.


This was meant to be a photo of Arlo eating breakfast in front of the window. Snow on the ground outside for seasonal effect.

Then he did this. So very deliberately.

Look at that face.


The worst of the tummy bug is over, but Arlo is not feeling too great.


Arlo and I did a lot of sleeping today.

This is where you can find Sam when we are not around.


I had to get us both out of the house for a dose of fresh air. His face wore varying degrees of this scowl the whole way round the park.

None of his usual chatter and observations. Although he did muster a very weak ‘Chooooo’ as a tram whizzed past.


My valentine.

He looks so tiny from this angle, my poorly boy.

Yes, I have whacked the clarity right the way down on my face. Because some things just shouldn’t be shown as they are.

This is where we spent the majority of the last four days.


  1. Aw no, hope you both feel better soon. Well done for keeping up the photos still though! I love the cereal one. So funny that as a blogger/photographer your first instinct it to take a photo of a disaster rather than address it, I’m exactly the same! x

    1. Thank you. Doing the 366 project is really helping me learn a few more things about my camera. My hair loss didn’t start until 6 months post partum, hopefully this means you won’t have it for too long!

    1. Yes, that’s the one, from M&S. He’s not too bothered about him though, nor any of his cuddly toys, I’m sure he wouldn’t even notice if he went missing!

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