Natural beauty is at a premium these days. It’s winter, so plants are not blooming outdoors, and we don’t really want to spend that much time outside anyway because it’s bloomin cold! So how can we fill our necessary quota of natural beauty? It’s been proven that being surrounded by greenery lowers stress, makes us happier and more creative. I promise, you don’t need to take a holiday to the south of Spain to benefit from natural beauty (though it would help!).

Installing some new plants in your life is one way to do it, and when done strategically can work wonders. Houseplants have a whole host of health benefits associated with them, so read on to find out more about that. If you can, getting larger openings onto the world will also help a great deal. In a pinch, for black thumbs with no interest in actual plants, get into tropical or bohemian prints as much as you can.

● Add more plants

Plants in the home (and in general) purify our air, reducing carbon dioxide levels and increasing oxygen levels at the same time. This is crucial for having nice clean air to breathe all the time. Just because you keep your home sealed doesn’t mean pollutants don’t get into your home anyway—they are tracked in by shoes, animals and clothing. For people with allergies, they can be an absolute godsend as they reduce airborne dust levels.

Caring for plants is also a great addition to your routine if you’re interested in learning about what helps to keep plants alive, and teach your family too. Get everyone involved with different responsibilities and tasks.

For eliminating toxins, get plants like the Areca Palm (otherwise known as the Butterfly Palm), which is fantastic at removing formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from the air. Plants like these are perfectly suited to being sat under a window in the living room, and two of them on either side of a bay window makes for an exotic looking space. Peace lilies are perfect for bathrooms since they remove mold from the air which proliferates in moist environments. Keep it on a high shelf if you have pets, though, since it is toxic for our furry friends.

● Bigger windows

It sounds like a huge hassle to replace windows, and of course it can be. If you’re having all your windows replaced for instance, it’s very expensive and time-consuming. However, this is not completely necessary. If you’re looking to add natural beauty to your day to day, consider enlarging an existing opening which already offers nice views full of plants.

Go to sites like to compare quotes from local providers and save money. You will pay somewhere between £200 and £500 for a replacement window. It’s not an insignificant amount of money, but for an amazing new view and larger opening that brings more light and enjoyment of natural beauty each day? It may be worth it in your particular case – especially if you have a particularly gloomy space you don’t like to use.

Getting a larger opening on to the world has a double whammy effect of also offering you more places to put plants that will thrive with more light and air available to them. So choose strategically where you want your new window – somewhere that offers a nice view, more plant space and more light throughout the day.

● Natural decor

These days, interior design that is infused with natural products made out of things like wood, bamboo, earth and adobe are very popular. Use these kinds of materials to inject natural beauty into your home too. You can even DIY some decor projects with leaves, wood and materials found in the countryside around your home. Bringing your garden inside is a good idea when done in an organised way!

Murals are also extremely popular nowadays, so think of doing an accent wall with green and jewel tones to replicate the great outdoors. This is a bit of a large step to take though, but there are smaller ways for you to bring bits that are inspired by nature indoors. Buy a leaf-pattern throw or cushion, to see how it vibes with your current interior design. Start small and go from there!



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