Everyone has fond memories of family nights.

It’s something that will hold a place in your heart for as long as you live from watching old movies to falling out while playing Monopoly. It means so much to you that you want to recreate such memories when you have kids of your own. The great thing about doing so is that things have changed since you were a kid, and now there are more opportunities and options than ever to revolutionise your family nights and give your kids the memories they deserve. 


Who Needs the Cinema? 


Cinema prices are expensive, aren’t they? Especially when you’re buying tickets for the whole family. Rather than brave the crowds and watch new releases, why not show a little patience and wait until they are ready for home release. This way, you can watch them in comfort in your home cinema. 


But it’s not enough to simply crash onto the sofa and shh everyone around you. If you want to take your home cinema experience to the next glorious level, automating the audio and lighting with JNB Tech will make you feel just like you’re at your local theatre. 


Invest in a fresh popcorn maker too, and you’ll really set the tone. If there’s nothing that you feel like watching, home movies, or a holiday slideshow is a great way to unwind and remember the good times you’ve had. 


Gaze at the Stars


If you and your family ever want to feel small, stargazing is the way to do it. You’ll need a place with little to no light pollution and clear skies, but even in most areas, you can see a few stars that will capture your child’s imagination. 


You can also combine your stargazing activities with garden camping, especially if you can’t get to the countryside easily. Camping in your garden is a fun change for the kids, and you can combine it with a barbeque and campfire to get the tone more quickly. 


The Endless Battle


All families have had a board game night at some point in their lives. Usually, it’s Scrabble or Cluedo, or maybe Monopoly, while Uno is another game that makes enemies out of the best of friends. These games, typically, only last for a few rounds, and then you’re done. This is fine for efficiency, but not if you want a more immersive experience. 


Board games, or even video games, can give you all the storyline and lore you need to keep coming back for more until you have completed it. This is great for busy families who can never align their calendars because it still means you’re finding a few minutes every week to spend some time together. 


Precious Family Time


Family time is essential, no matter who you are. It gives everyone a chance to bond and helps you feel closer to one another. This is why revolutionising your family night for the better will do more than just give everyone an excuse to watch their favourite films. You can get to know each other a little better, too. 

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