Although, in the truest sense, we haven’t been in a state of lockdown for a while now, the decision has now been made and the virus restrictions in the UK are all but over.

And while there are many experts who argue that unlocking in the middle of rising variant cases could lead to further restrictions later in the year, the reality is that the country has, for better or worse, begun to move on from the pandemic era. Nonetheless, it’s worth bearing in mind that a lot of people were already essentially adopting lockdown procedures before this was stipulated by government – and some will continue from this point.

The most important advice to listen to will continue to come from experts in virology and immunology, but from a more personal point of view it is worth considering which lockdown habits you’re going to keep. Not only did the Covid crisis force us to take decisions in order to live within it – it has also made us look at life differently, and consider how we will carry on after the virus has receded. The following are some examples of things it’s worth holding onto from the pandemic.


Personal health measures


Everyone has their own opinions on just about every aspect of the health protocols we were asked to adopt last Spring. Some people are pro-mask and others are anti-mask. Some consider social distancing to be essential, others dispute its value. But one thing is for sure – the Covid crisis has made us consider how to avoid virus transmission, and that’s no bad thing. Given that some people aren’t able to be vaccinated, it’s worth wearing a mask while in public spaces to reduce the chances of transmission, and washing your hands on a regular basis. Bear in mind that a mask can also do a fair job against air pollution, so if you’re comfortable wearing one, keep wearing it.


Stocking up on goods


There is, as mentioned, a very good chance that we could end up back in lockdown in the near or mid-term future. Maybe that will be because of Covid, maybe it will be another pandemic. Regardless, having a stockpile of certain essentials is never going to be a bad idea. Medicines, healthcare equipment and water are all things you’re going to want to have if things tremble again – and you can probably think of a few things you’ll want to keep topped up. If you need to hire Space Self Storage to keep some of the essentials, then it can be considered an investment – many people were caught unaware by the need to spend money dealing with the first lockdown.


Listening and looking out


People who had rarely so much as picked up a newspaper nor watched the news on TV since the turn of the century suddenly became huge consumers of current affairs programming in 2020. Also, people who’d rarely spoken to their neighbours suddenly became part of a support structure that reminded many of a country trying to get through a war. It is a good idea, as we leave lockdown behind, to consider keeping up both a keen eye for the news and an awareness of how others are handling the situation. It was a good idea amid a medical emergency, and it remains one now.

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