Firstly, in other news, You can read my sentimental witterings about becoming a parent over at Dear Beautiful Boy this week. Do check out the other Meeting You, Finding Me entries, such a great feature. Everyone has a different story about their journey to parenthood.

Now on to the 366…

25th Jan 25/366

Balloon. Or, as Arlo calls it, ‘Boom’, accompanied by a little hand wave. He spotted them when we were coming out of his signing group by the cars in the background.

He is so much more perceptive than me because everything is new and exciting to him. I wouldn’t see half these things if it wasn’t for Arlo pointing them out to me.

So, obviously, we had to go over and say hello to the balloons.

26th Jan 26/366

Defending his fort.

I was throwing every single cuddly toy he owns into the cot, and he was throwing them back out.

It was a fun game.

He lost.

27th Jan 27/366

Impossible to get a non-blurry photo of this.

Arlo was doing some manic bouncing today.

Arlo has moved his Zebra in front of the mirror that is currently waiting to hang on our dining room wall. (Yes, he pushes it around like a walker).

Because the only thing that can make bouncing on the zebra more fun is watching yourself bounce on the zebra.

28th Jan 28/366

Me and my boy, building giant lego towers at the Science Museum.

29th Jan 29/366

Enjoying a late night and lots of attention from the family at his Uncle’s birthday meal.

30th Jan 30/366

He’s now really good at loading a spoon and feeding himself. I hardly need to help at all.

31st Jan 31/366

These days, every time I open a pair of curtains in this house, I find someone inhabiting the window ledge.

A few observations now that I’ve reached one month of my 366 Project:

I read that a lot of people give up at the three-week point. Around this time was probably when I first got a bit bored of taking a photo a day. Most days, I love it. But there have been a few times when I haven’t particularly felt like taking a photo, or I couldn’t think of anything decent to photograph.

I think a lot of this can be attributed to the fact that it is winter and miserable outside, and I’m getting bored with only taking shots inside the house. I want to concentrate on a wider variety of settings. I think this will happen naturally once the weather gets a bit nicer. It’s not a great time for outdoor play right now, especially as Arlo is not yet walking.

I’ve not yet been brave enough to snap a shot at any of the playgroups or classes that we go to. This is a shame in terms of documenting our days, as these groups are a big part of our weekly routine. But then there’s also the privacy factor – I don’t necessarily want to post photos that feature other children up on the internet.

My computer is creaking under the strain of housing all of my 366 shots and outtakes. I need to work out a proper cataloging system in Lightroom. I also have an issue deleting any photos of Arlo, no matter how bad they are – I might want them one day!

The final shot chosen for each day is not necessarily the best shot in visual or technical terms. I pick the shot that best tells the story.


  1. Hi Chloe
    It’s brilliant you are still doing this – many others called time on it a week or so ago. I love your pics, esp the one on the zebra – so cute! You live near me too – I am in East Dulwich/Honor Oak Park area.

    1. I’ve only been to Dulwich a few times (and to different parts) but thought it seemed like a very lovely place.

      Still doing the 366 but reserving the right to quit at any point – I’m terrified of the commitment!

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