Jan 15th 15/366

I was helping out on a photography course today, so Sam and Arlo had a day of fun.

This is the state I left them in, and the state to which I returned.

Arlo absolutely loves being flung around by his dad.

Jan 16th 16/366

Arlo got this little yellow car for Christmas. It has a switch on the bottom that makes it ‘go’ on its own.

Arlo knows all about this switch and will hound you until you turn it on for him.

The problem is that the noise it makes is not so little. I can’t hear myself think. So, shamefully, I hid my child’s beloved toy.

Today, he found my hiding place.

(This photo also depicts one of Arlo’s favourite games. You’ve already seen ‘cars on the highchair’. Well, this is ‘cars on the table’.)

Outtake moment

See those red cheeks and chin? I gave him a teeny bit of biscuit that had egg in it. His reaction seems to be getting worse, skin-wise at least.

Jan 17th 17/366

Arlo may not have been the biggest fan of Father Christmas when they met, but he sure likes his present from the big guy.

Step aside, That’s Not My Dinosaur, there’s a new king of books in this house.

Today, Arlo was getting restless. So, I asked him if he wanted to read a book. He slid off my lap and crawled out of the room. I assumed he was off to busy himself elsewhere. Around three minutes later, he returned. I looked up to see him holding this book up to me.

He surprised me on two counts. Firstly, he completely understood my question to him. Secondly, he bypassed all the books on the floor in front of him. He knew which book he wanted to read and he went to look for it.


  1. Oh wow your photographs are just beautiful. They make me want to rush out and do a photography course before I inflict anyone else with my bad photography (I’m having a go at this 366 thing too)! Ah I totally understand how proud you were when your little boy trotted off to get the book he wanted. I have an 18 month old and it’s an absolute pleasure watching him learn and understand more and more each day and start expressing his favourite toys and books x

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment about my photos, I’m really enjoying doing my 366 so far.

      Yes, it’s amazing and so exciting to watch as their understanding grows.

  2. I hide my kids noisy toys all the time, mostly the recorder and mouth organ. And the keyboard. Oh and the microphone too. Wow – I am more mean than I’d realised 😉

    Lovely photos

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