If you’re thinking of selling your home, getting tenants, or upgrading your living situation, you’ll need to invest in some renovations. Check out these excellent ways of boosting the value of your home.

  • Fix up “first impression” features

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The outside of your home is the first thing any potential buyers see. Ensure that their first impression is a positive one in order to grab their attention and increase your chances of getting a good offer. Replace loose roofing tiles or fix more serious problems like a sagging roof. Also, pay attention to the entrance to the house by doing things like repainting the doors, installing a porch, or repairing windows. Another obvious area that you need to maintain is your front yard. Make sure your lawn is well-manicured to keep the outside of your house looking pristine.

  • Repurpose your garage 

Turn your garage into a living space, especially if it isn’t being occupied by a car or if you have an outdoor parking space. The garage can be transformed into an extra bedroom, a media room, or playroom, depending on your preference and budget. Whatever you choose, it will be a more efficient use of square footage than keeping piles of junk and old furniture in the garage. You may need to hire a structural engineer for projects that involve things like raising the ceiling or reinforcing the foundations. 

  • Consider a kitchen extension

This is an excellent way to add more space to a cramped set up and to connect your back garden to the inside of your home. Kitchen extensions can also be a great way to let in more natural light by using designs such as a glass roof extension. Take the opportunity to also give the kitchen a facelift by upgrading your cabinets, appliances, and sink ware. A decorative backsplash can be a lovely addition to enhance your kitchen décor. Be creative about adding more storage space in any nooks and crannies you can find, as ample storage is an attractive feature.

  • Open plan for the win

Think about remodeling the interior of your home into an open-plan setting. It’s a more modern and spacious look and turns the space into a multipurpose area with better flow between various sections of the house. An open plan also makes entertaining much easier and brightens up your space with more natural light.

  • Rewire old buildings

Have a look at your fuse box. If it looks ancient, it’s probably a good time to rewire the house. This is also a good time to add more sockets and update your lighting if applicable. This kind of work should be done before working on aesthetic aspects of your upgrade plans since it will involve disrupting your floors and walls. 

  • Update or add a bathroom

An extra bathroom adds a massive boost to your home value. It can be a more expensive venture to add a bathroom, so make sure that it fits into your budget before considering it. More importantly, it’s a great investment. An easier way to upgrade a bathroom is to replace outdated sanitaryware or simply add a mirror to give the illusion of a bigger space. Good ventilation is a must and can be achieved by adding an extractor fan. You can also add some luxury to your bathroom by installing marble fixtures, heated floors, or a vanity table.

  • Convert your loft

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This is a popular remodeling hack for home renovations. Just like with the garage, the loft can be converted to a living space such as a bedroom or even a home office. It’s another great investment to consider as it gives you good value for your money.

  • Invest in interior design

Revamp your home by repainting the walls and updating the décor. Pay special attention to the living room, which is where you spend a lot of time with your family and guests. Get an interior designer if you can afford one or do it yourself with help from online inspiration. Unless it’s your style, try to stay away from excessively bright wall paints and stick to more neutral or calming tones such as blues and greens. Make sure you also fix any cracks in the ceilings and walls. Feature indoor plants that will add a pop of colour to your décor and also improve indoor air quality.

  • Get a new plumbing system

Get rid of groaning and rattling pipes. No one enjoys the idea of a poltergeist in the walls. Old piping systems also run the risk of bursting, which is a whole different can of worms. This renovation can also help eliminate sewer smells that can cause your home value to plummet. Air fresheners and candles can only do so much.

  • Light up your life

Good lighting is crucial. It improves the ambiance, makes a space more welcoming, and even lifts your mood. You’re in for a headache if your lights are too bright. Dim lights are no better as they cause eye strain. Natural light is always the best, so clean your windows to let in more of it. You can also invest in skylights in rooms where the wall space is too small for regular windows. Get lighting pieces that complement the theme of your décor for the best outcomes. 

  • Get rid of floor stains

There’s nothing more revolting than a suspicious stain. Get carpets professionally cleaned or replace them altogether. Maybe don’t get new carpets at all. Underneath an old carpet may be original flooring in good enough condition to only need a little refurbishment. Squeaky floorboards, however, would absolutely need to be replaced. Work with what you have and decide what you can do with your budget. 

  • Get a new heating system

Adding or upgrading central heating is a fantastic way to up the value of your home and improve the overall energy efficiency. Other ways to make your building more energy-efficient include insulating your loft space, double-glazing your windows, and sealing drafts around your windows and doors.

  • Spruce up your backyard

Define your backyard space by sectioning it for various activities such as outdoor dining, gardening, or lounging. Landscaping is an awesome way to give your backyard a breathtaking wow factor. Plant a vegetable or English garden, install a pond or add walkways to enhance the beauty of your backyard. A play area for kids could include a swing set, treehouse, or tent. Outdoor furniture, such as deck chairs, makes the space ideal for outdoor entertainment. Add a centerpiece such as a fire pit or water feature to tie everything together nicely.

  • Build a conservatory

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There are numerous ways of utilizing a conservatory. It can be used as a living room, a dining area, an office, or even a kitchen extension. You can build a conservatory to up your home value by about 5%, as estimated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). However, be wary of poor construction, which may actually cause a drop in the value of your home. Invest in a well thought out design to avoid wasting your hard-earned cash. 

A home makeover can be a daunting task if not adequately planned. Decide what to do based on your budget and style preferences in order to guarantee satisfaction with the end result. Whichever building upgrades and renovations you decide to undertake, always check that you have the appropriate planning permissions and consult experts to verify that your plans satisfy building regulations. These are important documents that you will need, especially if you plan to sell your house. Dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s to avoid spending more cash down the road. 

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