Me and Mine – A Family Portrait – July

I feel like we’ve had a lot more family time in July than we have in the previous few months. Usually, there would only be one day all month where we’d be able to take a family photo. In July, there have been opportunities here, there and everywhere.

There have been trips to the seaside, long weekends off work for Sam, a day trip to the countryside, and a heatwave spent in the garden….and somehow in between all of that we managed to fit in several weeks of chicken pox quarantine too.

There have been so many moments where I’ve quietly thought to myself “This would be the perfect place for our Me and Mine shot”. But there was one setting that I just had to choose.


Rory was just at the start of chicken pox and had a slight fever, so I didn’t think it was sensible to dunk him in the water with us – hence the awkward set-up with the baby bouncer and the slightly put-out baby. But this is pretty much how we’ve spent the last few weeks – at home, in the sunshine, in the pool where Rory was (practically) born.

This month, I am sending you on to Charlotte’s blog, The Crumby Mummy, to check out her Me and Mine photo for July. Charlotte writes about life with her husband and two year old daughter, Bob. I am really quite jealous of their brood of animals – I’d absolutely love to have a houseful of dogs and ducks one day!

And don’t forget to join in with the linky below if you’ve taken a family photo in the past month.


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  1. I so love that you have been using your birthing pool as a paddling pool!!! Brilliant. And it looks like you’ve been enjoying it.
    We’ve had a lot of family time in July too, it’s been great. x

  2. They should use your photo for an advert for dual uses!!!! Brilliant!! xxx

  3. Love the fact you are ‘upcycling’ the birthing pool! And poor Rory does look a bit peeved at not joining in doesn’t he!

  4. Hehe I love this photo, especially the fact it’s your birthing pool. And I love that Rory does look annoyed about not joining in the action! It perfectly shows off the summer months :) x

  5. Brilliant use of the pool! This is a perfect pic to look back on when it’s freezing again!

  6. what a fine use for your birthing pool! Sorry to hear Rory’s been spotty, hope he hasn’t suffered too much especially in the heat.

  7. Hopping over from Me and Mine and happy to meet you! Lovely way to re-use and re-cycle! And congrats on the two little boys. Boys are ace!!!

  8. What a fab family photo! haha! Love it. x

  9. Great photo and great idea to use your birthing pool! :) x

  10. Superb new use for the birth pool and what a great family photo. Belated congrats on your new addition btw (I’ve been out of action with holiday and house move) x

  11. This is such a brilliant idea. I bet it’s perfect as a paddling pool.
    Loving Sam’s beard :-) x

  12. What a great use for your birth pool, and a lovely summery photo – frame it and put it on the wall in December to help against SAD!

  13. Summing up summer! And why not use that pool – regular ones sold out everywhere! Fab idea!

  14. Great pictures & it’s just like a paddling pool haha x

  15. I LOVE how you’re using the Birthing Pool as a paddling pool! Reuse and recycle!!

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