Arlo Photography

A day in the life of Arlo

1. Morning


3. lunch

4. swimming

5. brush-teeth

6.-bedI took these photos one day in February for a post on the Kiddicare blog, but I also wanted to repost here alongside all of my other Arlo-related blog posts. (I worry that I’ll lose track of anything that’s not recorded on my blog!)

I cunningly chose one of our activity-filled days to document – a day in our pyjamas whilst I try to work would perhaps have made for a less interesting photo-set.

Sorry About The Mess is a personal lifestyle and family blog. documenting the life of London blogger and photographer, Chloe. This is our family story.

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  • Gorgeous photos as always! Visiting via Feedly. It works! :0) x

  • What camera do you have?

    • I have a Canon 40D SLR (It’s actually a pretty old model compared to what you can buy now, I got it in 2008 or 9!) It’s the lenses mainly that make everything look nice (and the editing afterwards!) I am planning a camera equipment post soon so will go into more detail then.


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