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IMG_0327-copyNurture Box is a subscription service – every month you get sent an exciting ‘care-parcel’ of useful items for your child. When I was asked whether we’d be interested in reviewing a Nurture Box, my first thought was “That sounds like a fab idea for new parents, there are so many products on the market that it’s often confusing and time-consuming to work out what it a useful or ‘must-have’ baby item….But does the same apply for a toddler? Don’t I already have everything I need for Arlo?”

I was really intrigued to see what kind of items would be in our Nurture Box. It would either be surprisingly good, or contain products that I didn’t need or already had. The theme of this month’s box was ‘Winter Warmers’, and honestly I was thrilled with the contents. It was clear to me that the products were very well though out, and there was not one item that I was disappointed with.

So, what was in our Nurture Box?


IMG_0336-copyA wintery book with a CD to accompany it. This is going into Arlo’s Christmas stocking, so that’s one less stocking-filler I need to buy, thanks Nurture Box!

IMG_0331-copyTwo pairs of very thick and warm socks.

IMG_0334-copyGreen People Hand sanitiser, and Bentley Organic Body Lotion

IMG_1188-copyAnd a sheepskin-style hat.

I’m of the opinion that Arlo can never have too many books, and we really wanted to get a book to put in his stocking, so that’s sorted now. We already have two winter hats for Arlo, so that was probably the least needed item, but it is a really lovely hat and I like that it’s white which is a nice and wintery colour, so I’m more than happy to have another hat to add to our collection.

The socks are really great, they are too thick for him to wear with his normal shoes but they are perfect as welly socks (I’d been meaning to get him some welly socks to stop his feet slipping around) and also for cold mornings around the house.

We’ve never bought Arlo body lotion before, but in the last few weeks I have noticed his legs getting quite dry so we have been putting our Nurture Box lotion to good use, and I’ve also been using it on my hands (it’s always the nearest thing to hand when I notice my hands are dry).

I wasted no time putting the hand sanitiser straight into my handbag. I usually subscribe to the opinion that ‘a little dirt won’t hurt them’, but it had crossed my mind several times over the past few months to buy some hand sanitiser for Arlo (and myself!). There are so many bugs around at the moment, and we’ve taken several bus/train journeys where I wished I was able to wash Arlo’s hands before giving him a snack.

The most useful items in my opinion? It’s a tie between the hand sanitiser and the thick socks. They were both items that I had been meaning to buy so it was a really nice surprise to see them in our Nurture Box. Arlo’s favourite item is the hat, but I have a feeling that’s only because he hasn’t laid eyes on the book yet.

The subscription costs £22 per month, and you can buy a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription. This is not something I would sign up to for myself, being very frugal with our budget at the moment means I like to have complete control over any essential purchases made for Arlo. However, I would be very happy to receive a subscription as a gift and have a couple of exciting Nurture Boxes arrive on my doorstep. Opening our box felt as much a present for me as it did for Arlo.

Altogether, the contents of our box cost almost double the price of the Nurture Box monthly subscription fee. The company is able to source items at wholesale prices or for a bulk order discount, so you really do get great value for money with each Nurture Box.

I’d love to see the option to return an item if it was something I really didn’t need or didn’t work for my family. It would be great if you could exchange an item for double of one of the other items in the box, or return an item and receive an extra item in your next Nurture Box.

I really think a Nurture Box subscription is a great option for a new baby gift, I’m sure any parent would be excited to receive a package of well thought out items selected by experienced parents who know what works and what doesn’t. That’s one of the things that appealed to me about the Nurture Box – all the products in the boxes have been carefully hand-selected and tested by Nurture Box’s parenting panel – parents really are the best people for this job, and I really felt that the quality and usefulness of the products in Arlo’s box must have been a direct result of the use of the parenting panel.

A little more about Nurture Box, plus details of a 20% discount for new subcriptions:

Nurture Box ( offers a monthly subscription box aimed at parents with children aged 0-3 years, with products tailored to the child’s age.  We send out a box once a month, which contains 4-5 products (one of which is for the parents).  Our box includes a mixture of practical, fun and development products and where possible we aim to source natural, organic and eco-friendly products.

 Nurture Box is about helping parents discover the best products and brands for their children. To ensure that the products we include are all of the highest quality and in keeping with our ethos, we stringently test and vet all the products that go in the box.  To do this we initially select a number of similar products from a range of brands (e.g. sun hats) and send them to our parent selection panel, which chooses the one that they like the best; this goes into the monthly box.

There is also a charitable aspect to our business; for each box delivered we make a donation to United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), which does fantastic work to provide nutrition and improve the quality of life for vulnerable and underprivileged children around the world.

Nurture Box offers the option to sign up for a subscription for £22 a month or buy a package (6 or 12 months), which offer even greater savings.  We are also pleased to offer a 20% discount to your readers on any new subscription order* – this will be valid on the first purchase made before 1st January 2013.  Please enter Nurture20 when you place your new subscription order. 

 *Nurture20 offer valid for new subscriptions only. For monthly subscriptions, 20% discount is applied to first month only. Offer not valid for previous purchases. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Other restrictions apply.


We were sent one Nurture Box for the purpose of this review and we 100% rate it as a useful and different New Baby gift idea. Check out their website for more details.

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