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I have built up a pretty impressive list of blogs in my Google Reader over the past year or so, and there are certainly quite a few bloggers that I can’t wait to nominate. I will be making my nominations at some point in the next week once I have given the task the attention it deserves.

I am also putting myself out there for nominations. Because I would be proud to get even just a couple of nominations, and because it would make my year to know that someone likes my photos as much as I like taking them.

I’m average at everything. Photography is the one thing that I feel I have the potential and drive to be more than average at doing. Recently, I have received some fantastic encouragement from friends, and some lovely comments on this blog. Without these kind words, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to think that perhaps I could be doing more with my photography (more on my plans later). This is why picked the photography badge, but I’d be thrilled to be considered for any category.

The badge is in the top left corner. That link will take you to the nominations form.

Or click on this link.

So, yeah, if you were considering giving me a nomination, I am game.

If you want to see all of my photo posts in one place, click on the photo post category.

A selection of my favourite shots from the past couple of months (basically, I’ve been looking for an excuse for ages to post these):

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  1. Your photos are lovely – would you like me to feature one of your favourites as image of the week? Just email me a copy or a download link, and whatever info you want displayed with it. Good luck in the awards!

  2. Very nice photos there actually. It looks like you have a nice house as well.

    The man with the beard, for some reason his beard reminds of Dr House. Even though he looks nothing like Hugh Laurie.

    The photo with the little ‘un putting the orange spoon thing in his mouth reminds me of POB.

  3. Cool pics!


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