Car Safety at Christmas Time

I have been partnering with Britax as a brand ambassador for the past year and a half. I also like to talk about car safety, and the little things we can do to make our cars immediately that bit safer for our children. Today I am sharing with you a guide on car safety at Christmas time that Britax have put together – in the event of a crash or a breakdown, it definitely pays to keep reminding ourselves of these safeguarding measures that can so easily slip our minds otherwise.  

With the winter holidays firmly on the horizon, millions of families all over the UK are planning the big drive home for Christmas. With the prospect of celebrating with friends and family and dining out on festive feasts, it can be easy to forget the dangers that go hand-in-hand with travelling in winter conditions. No parent wants to take chances when it comes to their children’s safety, which is why leading mobility brand, Britax has teamed up with Good Egg Safety to provide parents with some useful winter travel tips to ensure the nation’s families reach their destinations safely this Christmas.

Britax safety expert, Mark Bennett, said, “Christmas is an exciting time of year for families. Each year is another milestone for children and it’s a time to celebrate with loved ones. But amid all the excitement, it’s really important to consider some simple car safety checks to ensure you and your most precious cargo arrive safely. Making sure you have the right car seat installed for your child is the first step to providing that reassurance, so if you’re unsure if your little one has outgrown their seat, be sure to visit your local car seat retailer as they will be able to advise you on what’s right for your family.”

Jan James, CEO at Good Egg Safety said: “We welcome this important initiative from Britax. Of course child car seat safety is a priority at any time of the year, however it is especially important in the winter when driving conditions can be much more hazardous and the chances of a collision increased due to poor visibility, glare from the winter sun, slippery roads and darker mornings and evenings. We are driving in conditions we are less used to, and often at a later time, for example after visiting family and friends, or returning from a Christmas trip. Good Egg Safety supports Britax in encouraging parents to double check their child’s car seat this Christmas.”

To support Britax’s ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ initiative, Good Egg Safety has provided 12 simple tips  and checks for families to consider before setting off for the holidays:

  1. Check your child’s car seat is properly fitted before every journey – particularly if you’ve removed your seat or had others in the car next to the child seat
  2. Check your child’s harness is at the correct height and tension – always adjust the harness to your child when they go in the seat to accommodate their clothing
  3. Remove thick, puffy jackets or winter coats – these can prevent the harness from fitting your child properly, and your child may overheat once the car warms up. As a driver it is worth keeping a spare pair of suitable driving shoes in the car.  Footwear such as winter boots have thick soles that can catch on pedals
  4. Remove any non-soft toys or gifts your child may receive and store them in the boot until you get home – a toy will become a projectile in a collision and can injure occupants in the car. Put presents for friends and family in the boot of your car, rather than next to you or on the back seat
  5. Set the recline of your child’s car seat to semi-reclined rather than upright after trips out, so that they can fall asleep without you worrying about their positioning
  6. Don’t drink and drive!  If you are going to have a drink, avoid driving the next morning – you can easily still be over the limit the next day
  7. Always keep a breakdown kit in your boot.  This should include:

Warning Triangle

Tow Rope


Hi-Vis jacket/Waistcoat

Tyre Inflator

Blankets/Emergency foil blanket

Spare hats, scarves and gloves

Sunglasses for winter sun glare


  1. If you are going on a long journey, also take/check the following:

A flask of hot water/tea/coffee

Fresh, bottled water


Ensure your phone battery is fully charged

  1. Check the tyres and stock up on antifreeze and screen wash
  2. Take into account weather conditions for your journey and allow extra time and breaks
  3. Early evening failing light is particularly hazardous for spotting cyclists and pedestrians in dark clothes, so with the added distraction of travelling with children please take extra caution
  4. Don’t rush! It is tempting to rush home from work for the holidays, but take the extra time to drive safely and considerately

Building bears, eating cake, and testing out the Samsung Galaxy S5

samsung S5

Because I write a blog that more often than not focusses around parenting, and because we live in London, we occasionally get invited to come along to amazingly fun events that I know the kids will LOVE.

And sometimes, Sam, the non-blogger of the family, will ignore my first right of refusal and totally hijack these events for his own benefit.

“Testing out mobile phones and making toys? I’ll take Arlo to that”.

Of course you will.

And so it was that I found myself standing down so that Sam could scoop up all the brownie points with Arlo.

But I did have some very important window shopping to do.

charlotte tilbury

(This is an iPhone photo)

All jokes aside, Sam really was the best person for this task, being the one with a vested interest in the Samsung S5. He jumped the iPhone ship a few years ago in favour of a much more affordable monthly cost and much larger memory via way of Micro SD.

However, his choice of android phone, an LG, has been problematic since the start, and more recently, has suffered a shattered screen at the hands of a two-foot terror. Naming no names.

With his upgrade date looming, Sam has his eye on the smartphone market and had marked the Samsung Galaxy S5 as one to watch. Being able to test it out in the flesh would prove a highly useful ‘try before you buy’ scenario.

Sam and Arlo are at Hamleys building bears and testing out the Samsung S5 #S5teddybearteaparty

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The task? Go to the Build a Bear workshop in Hamleys, and document the bear-making process with the S5.

This was our family’s first Build A Bear experience. What struck us most is the staff’s effort to go the extra mile in making the selecting and customising process a really special experience for your child.

build a bear

First, the children select a bear or animal. Then they can select a sound effect or song to go inside their bear. Next up is the stuffing process. All the while, the kids are encouraged to walk around the workshop in funny ways. Check out Arlo’s penguin shuffle:

Your bear then gets a heart, with the children encouraged to think of special traits they want their bear to have – rub the heart on your forehead if you want your bear to be smart, rub it on your arms if you want your bear to be strong, rub it on your feet if you want your bear to dance/run/rollerskate…you get the idea. (Apparently this is called a Heart Ceremony, which sounds a bit cult-like, but the kids LOVE IT.)

Arlo doesn’t typically show much affinity with cuddly toys, but I have to say that he is particularly taken with his Build a Bear creation, and I have no doubt that it’s entirely because of the staff’s dedication to making every child’s experience fun and memorable.

And also perhaps because his resulting creation was a Jingle Bells singing hippo with tap dancing shoes.


(This is an iPhone photo)

The verdict? Sam wanted to give a special mention for the screen size and quality. He thought the camera performed really well. Most important of all, interface usability was very good, with non of the lagging and unresponsiveness that he has experienced with his current LG android phone.

Sam and I then swapped, and I joined Arlo at Scoff and Banter for afternoon tea and a nice bit of blogger chat.

And because there was cake to be eaten. I am the best person for THAT job.

The task? Eat cake and cute little finger sandwiches and document everything on the S5.

scoff and banter

A brief bit of phone history: I have definitely become one of those people that finds it very tricky to get to grips with a new phone. This is the number 1 reason why I am still loyal to iphone after many years and increasingly eye-watering tariffs.

As a self-employed, work on-the-go around my children type, my phone is my lifeline, and I can’t be dealing with any sort of non-user friendly, time-wasting phone hiccups. I need a phone that does it’s job VERY WELL, and does it without me having to set up a million and one things before it will work in the way I need it to.

So, I am pleased to report that I actually managed to get on with the Samsung S5 very well. Sam handed it over with no instructions, so I was left to figure it all out for myself. I managed to get passed the lock screen on the first try (Yes, even this has flummoxed me with some phone models). Google maps was the same as always (phew), and logging into my google account gave me all of my usual google stuff – my gmail contacts and documents on Drive, etc, making it easy to get going with work stuff straight away.

A quick search found that all of my most-used iphone apps were available on android. I wasted no time in setting up my instagram account on the S5, and Arlo wasted even less time loading on his favourite games.


(This photo was taken with my iphone)

At one point during our meal, I did a side-by-side camera comparison with the Samsung S5 and my iphone 6. It was late afternoon in an ‘ambiently lit’ room. Straight away I noticed that the S5’s camera was doing a much better job in low light – the picture was sharp and bright, the iphone 6 was surprisingly murky and unclear in comparison. I have so many memories of the kids from my camera phone, I could never have a phone with a rubbish camera, so the fact that I felt confident in the S5’s camera was a big plus point for me.

The verdict – The Samsung Galaxy S5 is very visually appealing, I really like the white model that we had. I like that it’s the same kind of size as my iphone 6 (the S5 is slightly bigger, actually). My first experience with Android OS was surprisingly positive. It’s definitely made the old ‘Stick with extortionate iphone prices or switch to more affordable handsets with larger memory?’ dilemma a bit more of a thinking point for me.

Although I think switching from iphone to android would be a little bit of a learning curve for me, I could see myself getting on very well with the Samsung S5 without taking too long to get used to a new system.


Thanks to Three mobile for our lovely day out. And thanks for adding the permanent Jingles Bells soundtrack to our lives.

No seriously. 


7 gift ideas for those you haven’t bought for yet

At this time of year, I’ve usually still got a few people to buy for (Who am I kidding – I rarely start Christmas shopping until December).

Then there are always a few who require a bit more thought when it comes to selecting a gift. A few for whom an idea doesn’t readily spring to mind.

When I get a bit stuck for inspiration, I try to stick to gifts that are either really useful or really lovely. My aim was to combine both of those aspects into every gift on this list, and they have ALL been tirelessly tried and tested by myself.

What a job that was.


gift ideas



1. FOR THE ONE ON A HEALTH KICK – This book is packed with recipes that are nourishing, free from gluten, grain, and refined sugar, AND everything looks visually AMAZING. The Art of Eating Well is Bound to spark enthusiasm for healthier eating.

2. FOR THE MEMORY MAKER – Got a friend or family member who is always documenting life’s big and small moments? We love being behind a camera, but we often forget to do anything with those memories. Giving the gift of Blurb vouchers will provide that impetus to get those images off the hard drive and into tangible memories by way of a photobook that can be celebrated again and again for years to come.

3. FOR THE ONE WHO’S ALWAYS ON THE GO – I use my smartphone for everything, but the battery certainly wouldn’t last all day. I wouldn’t be without my power bank. I keep it in my handbag so I can charge on the go, and it can also be used for laptops and tablets. There are a million different brands, sizes, and amounts of power – the one I use is as pictured, an EasyAcc 100000mAh Ultra Slim Dual USB  – enough to fully charge my phone five times over.

4. FOR THE CANDLE ADDICT – Milkhouse Candles are based just down the road from me and are my latest obsession. Every candle addict knows the importance of soy-based, paraffin free wax and a scent that really fills the room, and these may just be the cream of the crop. The milk bottles and butter jars would be perfect for a display shelf, and there are classic jar options too.

5. FOR THE ASPIRING CHEF – Sam bought a Thermopen for his dad a few years back, and his dad loved it so much that he gave one to Sam the next Christmas. It’s the meat thermometer they use on Masterchef (if your recipient is a fan, they will most likely have seen this gadget A LOT). In Sam’s own words, it has “revolutionised” his cooking. No more guess work, perfectly cooked meat every time. He also sometimes uses it to test the bath water for the kids, or how cold our external walls are…but you probably don’t care so much about that.

6. THE BEAUTY ALL-ROUNDER – Hydraluron Moisture Booster has been raved about by many a beauty blogger and expert, and with good reason. This little tube packs a moisture punch and works with your existing moisturiser to keep your skin nourished all day. Works with any moisturiser for any skin type – this is a beauty staple that will be appreciated by everyone.

7. FOR THE DESIGN FANATIC AND THE STATIONARY HOARDER – How about a subscription to Wrap Magazine? Interviews and features celebrating the best of illustration, design, and creative culture – with ten illustrated pull-out sheets so you can build up a unique selection of wrapping paper.

wrap magazine

Now that the madness of Black Friday is over, let’s get back down to the serious business of finding thoughtful presents that we know the recipient will truly love, rather than letting rush discounts cloud our thinking. 

There’s something I really enjoy about Christmas shopping – although I do miss the pre-internet shopping days of ambling round the actual stores looking for inspiration whilst taking in the decorations and the Christmas build-up atmosphere.

Then I remember I have children and I’m ALL GOOD with anywhere that lets me pay by Paypal.



Life decisions make my head hurt


I’m hungover, lacking a lot of sleep, and my head hurts with decisions to be made. So I’m brain-dumping.

When we moved here, we didn’t give a second thought to schools. It wasn’t that I didn’t think it was important. It was that it wasn’t a choice.

We went with the only London town (and anywhere within reasonable distance inside AND outside the m25) that came up when we put in our budget on Right Move.

School choice was a luxury that we didn’t have. Even if it had been a choice, I think it would have been a massively complex thing to attempt to gain knowledge of when our heads were busy with the adjustment to becoming an overnight family. We were on a race against the third trimester to find somewhere to live on an impossibly small mortgage loan that wouldn’t buy us a studio flat in most parts of South East London. (Why didn’t we rent instead? Couldn’t afford that either. Renting was actually more expensive than a mortgage repayment).

The fact that we couldn’t think about schools but I felt we probably should be thinking about schools was another thing to feel guilty about. And so I pushed it to the back of my mind, like a lot of things.

Fast forward four years and we are about to apply for Arlo’s primary school place. And maybe, just, maybe, we might be in a position to ‘upsize’ in the next year or so. Decisions are suddenly hurtling towards us at once.

Moving house year the same year your child is starting school is not the best (“we should wait until we know he’s happy at school before moving”, “But waiting delays all other life plans… I’ll have another baby in this house but I will NOT entertain the idea of having another baby in transit”) – and apparently it’s also not the best to do either of these things in an election year.

2010 was a GREAT time to accidentally start a family.

Our town is still the best for us, budget-wise, but ideally we want to move to a house we can comfortably live in for more than the next seven years. But I HATE what this stupid government has done to the secondary schools in Croydon. I am not sure I agree with the grammar-schools-in-disguise tactics of the borough Academy sponsor, and they really do have the monopoly – unless you are going non-secular you have no option. So will that mean another move in 6 years or will things have changed again by then?

Does anyone have a crystal ball?


And then there’s the more pressing primary school decision. I thought I’d quickly find a clear favourite between the schools Arlo is likely to be offered a space, but they all have their very good points and they all have rather strong negative factors for our family. But none of those factors were total deal breakers. I figured schools would be much of a mucness but it’s been an eye opener to realise just how different all the schools have been, they all have their own identity, and each of the schools we’ve visited has been a completely different experience. I definitely need to expand on this further in a dedicated blog post.

If we apply for and get the school that’s a decent drive away, how will that affect my work options? I couldn’t get in to London and back again in time to pick up the kids even with wraparound care. Am I then opting to remove the choice for myself of having a ‘proper’ job in London for the next 11 plus years? But if I choose a school based on our nearest, it might not be our nearest school in two years (moving house, remember?) So then where does that leave me, work-wise?

Trying to work out every single future scenario right now is just not possible.

I thought the important thing was to focus on the best choice for Arlo, and for Rory, who will be following him. Which school will best fit their needs? But this decision isn’t just about the kids, it’s a decision that will affect the whole family. I’ve found it’s making me do a lot of soul searching about what I might possibly want out of my life over the years my children are at school.

I promised myself to try and be all cool about this decision making process, to focus on my gut feeling and to not look at it as the be all and end all. But my mind is feeling pretty engulfed right now. The school decision and the house decision are going to dictate the next decade of our lives.

I guess the norm, or perhaps the ideal, is to be settled by the time you are choosing a primary school, and to have your family home by then. We aren’t there yet. But I really don’t want to be chopping and changing the boys’ schools. In an ideal world, I want to give them the same stability as I had – the long term family home and the same school from reception all the way through to year six.

Having choice feels exciting and important and scary. And also a bit like a Mumsnet thread calling for opinions on schools in not-so-desirable areas and whether it’s ‘safe’ to live there.

But these are good problems to have, I think. Because although I will be in a perma-fog until my brain sorts the overload of impressions and information, it’s reminding me that this is the first time I’ve actually had these big family choices to make. Before now, it’s felt very much out of my hands.

But the luxury of choice is slowly increasing for our family. It’s been an interesting few years, but we are steadying ourselves now. We are getting there.




Christmas sightseeing in London with children – A walking route

london christmas lights

I know I’ve said it many times before, but hopping on a train to London is one of my go-to entertainment options for the children when we have a full day to ourselves. Arlo just adores London, and I’ve done public transport with two kids enough by now that the journey doesn’t seem as daunting or tiring as it used to.

Walking around London is one of our cheapest child entertainment options too – sightseeing at the cost of a travelcard or less. And if we wind up near the museums, there’s even more free entertainment to be had.

Another great thing about Soho, in particular, is just how close together everything is. It’s so easily walkable, even with young children – no need to attempt tube escalators with a buggy. Just pack a waterproof, an oyster card, and a buggy board if you have preschoolers, and you have everything you need to cover a lot of ground in all types of weather.

pizza making rossopomodoro


A few weeks ago, Arlo, Rory and I were in London for a pizza making class at the launch of Rossopomodorro at John Lewis Oxford Street. Arlo is always keen to see more of London, so in between our lunch stop off, we walked the following route – stopping by at some of London’s famous landmarks, finishing off in the heart of Soho after dusk in prime position to see the best of London’s Christmas Lights.

Christmas Sightseeing in London with children – A walking route:

Starting off at London Victoria station, Buckingham Palace is just a five minute walk away. The changing of the guard happens at 11.30am every day in Summer, and every other day in Winter. The ceremony runs from 11.15 – 12pm – check here for the confirmed schedule.

From here you can enjoy the greenery of St James’s Park. We stuck to the right side of the lake and came out at the Great George Street exit, a short walk away from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Next, we turned back and walked up Whitehall for a view of Downing Street and the guards on horseback outside Horse Guard parade (you can also watch the changing of the guard here if you are out and about slightly earlier than the Buckingham Palace timings – full schedule here.)

The top of Whitehall spits you out right at Trafalger Square. If it’s summer, you can easily nip back into St James’s Park for a packed lunch.

Walk up Pall Mall and Haymarket (if you’ve had enough of walking, there are plenty of buses that will take you on this route towards Oxford Street too) and you’ll find yourself at Picadilly Circus – Arlo loves seeing the Picadilly Lights.

london christmas lights

Head up Regent’s Street and you can show your children the wonders of Hamleys. However, if you don’t fancy your chances of inducing toy shop tantrums, you can cut through Carnaby Street instead.

If you need to stop for lunch or an early dinner nearby Oxford Street, check out John Lewis’s dining options. This part of Soho is hugely busy. with queues and waiting times for most eateries. However, being inside John Lewis, Rossopomodoro is slightly more off the beaten track, and a less chaotic, in-and-out, dining experience as a result. Despite it being within a department store, it’s secluded location means it has just the same vibe as a standalone restaurant (definitely no cafe atmosphere here). And if you don’t fancy pizza, there’s a burger restaurant just next door (still within John Lewis).


With tummies fuelled and the day growing darker, you are a stones throw away from the best of London’s Christmas lights on Oxford Street, Regent’s Street and Carnaby Street. Still in the mood to explore after that? Check out the festive window display at Selfridges, and even hop on a bus to Knightsbridge to see the Harrods all decked out in its Christmas lights splendour. From Knightsbridge it’s approximately a ten minute bus ride back to London Victoria.

Arlo LOVED this route (his favourite thing was seeing the BT Tower) and Rory was pretty content with watching the busy sights and sounds of the city from his buggy. I have a feeling I’ll be walking this route a few more times before the year is out…


We sampled a complimentary lunch at Rossopomodorro as part of their launch events. I was not obligated to write about the restaurant, but it left an impression on me as a good option for young families in a very busy area of London, and I wanted to share that.