Our holiday to Mark Warner Lemnos Beach Resort – Part Two

lemnos beach

After chatting rooms, watersports and the food at the Mark Warner Lemnos Beach Resort in Post One, it’s now time to delve into the beach, the local town, and the debrief on what we thought of our holiday all in all.

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Our holiday to Mark Warner Lemnos Beach Resort – Part One

mark warner lemnos

The Mark Warner Lemnos Beach Resort is situated in a picture-perfect bay that sees the sun sink into the water in a breathtaking sunset every evening. It’s definitely one of those situations where the setting really makes the resort.

Set on an incline with restaurant and pool at the bottom, the rooms are dotted on the hill above. The rooms further up the hill get an amazing view of the bay, but involve climbing several sets of stairs, or a rather steep path.

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The Science Museum with Young Children | Summer Holiday Fun


Back in July, I had great intentions of creating an activity board listing all the summer holiday fun we had planned. I’m talking colour coded (rainy days VS sunny days, low effort VS high effort activities), and something that would make it accessible for four year old non-reading Arlo to select an activity of his choice for the day.

It was going to be Pinterest-worthy. It was going to be AMAZING.

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A family holiday to Walberswick and Southwold

suffolk coastline

Remember that day it reached 36 degrees in London? The hottest July day on record?

Well, we decided the best thing to do on a day like that was to get in the car and drive for three hours with two small children.

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An Unapologetically Large Amount of Photos of Rory


Once upon a time, this blog was primarily focused on sharing recent photos of Arlo. Photos I’d taken because I was particularly proud of how they’d turned out, photos that weren’t momentous, but depicted the simplicity of our day to day life.

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